Holy Crap!

May 30, 2011 – 2:16 pm by McD

Jim Tressel is now former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel. The Senator tendered his resignation to the university on Monday in the wake of this ever-widening scandal involving his football program and players. By the end, this might be the biggest fall from grace in the history of college football.

I’m an Indiana grad and therefore no stranger to scandal in my alma mater’s masthead program. Then again, nothing that rat bastard Kelvin Sampson did is as bad as what Tressel has apparently done. All Sampson did was make extra phone calls and not really give a crap whether his players went to class. It just happened to be the second consecutive job he’d done that exact same thing at.

Tressel knew his players were getting illegal benefits, the extent of which hasn’t been fully determined but started with tattoos.

So, as a person who graduated from another Big Ten school, let me just say:

This. Is. AWESOME.

There is no more despised school within the conference than Ohio State. From their douchey insistence that it be called THE Ohio State University, to the fact that 85% of their fans never attended even one class at OSU, to the fact that they misuse public libraries in a most egregious manner, there is simply nothing to like about Ohio State.

This was even more amplified by Jim Tressel, the calm, boring face of their beloved football program. Playing Ohio State sucked because you always knew what you were going to get: they were going to make sure you gained absolutely no yards and bored you to death with their offense. This was Ohio State football.

Worse, they were so successful that they made the BCS title game several times, mostly representing the conference by getting their asses kicked by SEC opponents (though they did get one title).

I don’t want to speculate on anything, but I’m thinking OSU fans are wishing Terrelle Pryor had picked Penn State instead right about now. None of this would have happened without him at OSU. And by “this” I mean the increased lack of good offensive football the last three seasons and everything else that’s been in the papers. And you’ll never see Craig Krenzel complaining about the system that has won so many games for the Buckeyes, either. Like I said, I’m just saying….

But I’m not here to eulogize the Jim Tressel Era. I’m here to declare open f–king season in the Big Ten in football this year. It’s anyone’s ball game now.

Except Indiana’s, of course.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Holy Crap!”

  2. I see you used the internet hate for dummies template…but the b10 doesn’t have a team with osu’s talent even without pryor and tressel.

    Gonna be business as usual again.

    By spencer096 on May 31, 2011

  3. Talent at the skill positions is great, but if you have an unproven head coach who doesn’t know how to develop those players, then you’re looking at a lot of problems.

    Believe me. I know.

    *whispers* He’s your problem now, Florida.

    Anyway, Bo Pelini must be sitting back and tapping his fingers together, C. Montgomery Burns style right about now.

    By MJenks on May 31, 2011

  4. I just hope that Ohio State Football team can find another coach as soon as possible. Even though they lost a long time coach they have, they should move on and focus on the teams goal.

    By Home Inspector Training on May 31, 2011

  5. Speaking of falls from grace, I notice that the trophy in that picture is the Circuit City Trophy. Circuit City doesn’t even exist anymore.

    By Cousin Charlie on Jun 1, 2011

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