About Us

Rumors and Rants is written by actual sports writers and has been a fully functioning sports blog since October 2006.

Four out of the five writers on our current staff are professional, working journalists, while the fifth toils all day in public service and therefore has a rather bitter outlook on life at present. The goal of this site is to bring you all the rumors and happenings we hear or read about that you might not have access to. We also strive to publish angry reactionary totally biased and unfair well thought out posts about the goings on in the world of sports. These rants are consistently hastily thrown together well written by our staff of lazy excellent writers.

Here’s some addition information on this here blog:

-Rumors and Rants began at the suggestion of an ex-girlfriend, since she was tired of hearing one of the writers “rant” about sports to her constantly.

-All five writers attended Indiana University together. As hard as it is to believe, all five of us actually graduated as well.

-The original three writers (Phillips, McD and TheBaker) welcomed Hick Flick and TheRiot into the family in the following year to form the site’s current lineup.

-We moved to these fancy new WordPress-based digs in September 2008.

-This site is a proud member of the YardBarker Network and we thank our benevolent overlords for the opportunity to be associated with their greatness.

-Rumors and Rants was a finalist in the “Best Sports Blog” category at the 2008 Weblog Awards. We finished Ninth. Therefore, as we see it, we’re the world’s Ninth-Best sports blog. Wooohooo!

-This site was designed by the fabulous Jerlyn Thomas, who has worked tirelessly to keep us from destroying all the hard work she put in. We can’t thank her enough.

We hope you enjoy your time on this little corner of the Internet and please God don’t feel free to email us anytime (RumorsandRants [at] gmail [dot] com) with comments, concerns, questions or advertising opportunities. We dread look forward to hearing from you.


The Rumors and Rants crew