Ladies And Gentlemen, The Washington Rex-skins!

March 18, 2010 – 1:57 am by Ryan Phillips


Frankly, I didn’t even know Rex Grossman was still playing professional football. Apparently the king of the “ill-advised-off-his-back-foot-in-to-coverage” pass was doing something for the Houston Texans last season (backup holder maybe?). Well now the Washington Redskins, bastions of wise free agent decisions, have signed “The Sex Cannon” to a one-year deal.

The signing reunites Grossman with Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle “Nepotism Kicks Ass” Shanahan, who was also with the Texans last season.

The 29-year-old Grossman will be entering his eighth NFL season in 2010 and, let’s just say it’s been fun to watch in a schadenfreude kind of way. Grossman has played in 37 NFL games, starting 31. He’s completed 54.0 percent of his passes for 6,197 yards, 33 touchdowns and 36 interceptions. He also carries a robust career quarterback rating of 69.5, which isn’t nearly as low as I thought it would be.

As it stands now, the Redskins have Grossman, Colt Brennan and Richard Bartel on the roster behind Jason Campbell. That’s not exactly a murderers row of quarterback talent. Sure, new head coach Mike Shanahan has done decently with scrapheap quarterbacks before (see: Plummer, Jake) but the Skins have fallen out of love with Campbell and Grossman, Brennan and Bartel sounds more like a law firm than an NFL depth chart.

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  1. 6 Responses to “Ladies And Gentlemen, The Washington Rex-skins!”

  2. Great piece except for a couple minor details:

    – It’s a one year deal for chicken feed. Rex is probably 50-50 to make the team much less ever take a meaningful snap.

    – In his first year as an NFL offensive coordinator, Kyle “Nepotism” Shanahan led the Houston Texans (again for emphasis: the Houston Texans) to the 3rd-ranked offense in the NFL.

    – The team let Todd Collins, the incumbent backup and only QB on the roster besides the tendered Campbell who’s ever taken an NFL regular season snap, go. But you knew that right?

    – A mention of the strong and quite public likelihood the Redskins intend to draft a QB in April might have been appropriate.

    – Any chance you looked at the list of UFA options the Redskins had and consider factors like familiarity with the new offense, cost, age, etc.? I only ask because, well, the Redskins might have.

    Charlie Batch / Pittsburgh / UFA
    Kyle Boller / St. Louis / UFA
    Mark Brunell / New Orleans / UFA
    David Carr / N.Y. Giants / UFA
    Daunte Culpepper / Detroit / UFA
    A.J. Feeley / Carolina / UFA
    Rex Grossman / Houston / UFA
    Josh McCown / Carolina / UFA
    Chad Pennington / Miami / UFA
    Patrick Ramsey / Detroit / UFA
    Chris Redman / Atlanta / UFA
    Brian St. Pierre / Arizona / UFA
    Charlie Whitehurst / San Diego / RFA

    Not sure who your target audience is, but sharing something about the Redskins actual situation vis a vis the Grossman signing might have made for a more compelling piece. Nothing personal though–it was an easy entry and I’m sure many were entertained.

    By the way, the “bastions of wise free agent decisions” crutch? Bad move. Anyone with even passing familiarity with the Redskins pretty much dismisses the credibility of the source when said source goes there.

    Time passes, things change. Some people notice.

    By Mark Steven on Mar 18, 2010

  3. Mark,
    Appreciate your insight. I promise you, all the above was considered. But he’s still Rex Grossman.

    I also never said Kyle Shanahan was a bad coordinator, it was a freaking joke man. Just don’t take this stuff so seriously, we’re trying to have some fun around here.

    By Phillips on Mar 18, 2010

  4. If it makes it any better, I laughed my ass off.

    By Carswell on Mar 18, 2010

  5. Hey, I like fun. It’s … fun.

    I take exception to the notion we shouldn’t take this stuff seriously though. One can only pursue the Unifying Theory of Everything so many hours a day–six, seven max. And we eat, work, sleep and have sex another, what, 15-16 depending how hot our women are? Leaves at least an hour a day to obsess over guys in plastic armor chasing pigskins around.

    Let’s try to not lose sight of that.


    Onward and upward.

    By Mark Steven on Mar 18, 2010

  6. Well said Mark. We just like making fun of Rex. It’s … fun. If not for the Sex Cannon, Kyle Orton, Jay Cutler, Brady Quinn and Norv Turner we wouldn’t have much to write about.

    By Phillips on Mar 18, 2010

  7. i just dont understand the redskins…surely they remember “the hogs” and they were the reason they won superbowls…the redskins have never had a franchise qb in the 80’s 90’s or even now …so, get an o-line find a qb (not in draft) and dump all qb’s except for brennan..they should at least give that kid a shot…at least he found the endzone a lot in college….

    By wayne on Mar 21, 2010

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