Oh God, Why Are They Doing This To Me?

January 2, 2012 – 9:47 pm by Ryan Phillips

The San Diego Chargers were considered a Super Bowl contender before this season and finished 8-8. This is the second-straight year the Chargers have underachieved and missed the playoffs. So, logically head coach Norv Turner should be fired, right?

Now, as if to spite me, a source close to the Chargers organization thinks that both Turner and general manager A.J. Smith could be retained for next year. Apparently several players, including quarterback Philip Rivers, have gone to bat for Turner, insisting that he should return. They have voiced their opinions in public as well as privately.

Another factor in the decision could be financial, as Turner has two years left on his contract at $3 million per season. In addition to that, Smith has three years left at $2 million per season.

The report doesn’t say that Turner and Smith have definitely been retained, but considering that Turner’s firing was a near-certainty two weeks ago, the momentum is certainly shifting in his favor. As a Chargers fan this makes me ill. I’ve been on the Fire Norv Turner Bandwagon since his introductory press conference in 2007.

Under Turner the Chargers have been uninspired, undisciplined and underachieving. I get that some of his players have his back, but he simply doesn’t deserve to be with the organization next year, he hasn’t earned the right to be a head coach in the NFL. Considering the talent he has had to work with Turner hasn’t done enough.

I can understand Smith coming back. He has an outstanding eye for talent and has put together great rosters in the past. His past two drafts haven’t been great but that doesn’t mean he can’t turn things around.

If Turner comes back I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve suffered through five years of mediocrity and I don’t know if I can do it anymore.

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  1. 5 Responses to “Oh God, Why Are They Doing This To Me?”

  2. Keep Norv dump AJ Smith. Have to stop letting talented players leave town and I dont think Norv has much of a say when it comes to that.
    Drew Brees
    Darren Sproles
    they are obvious but how about guys like
    Brandon Siler
    Tim Dobbins
    come to mind guys they could have used this year the defense needs to be fixed.

    By Nick Macaluso on Jan 2, 2012

  3. They had to let Brees go, the others I agree with you on. But they can’t keep Turner. The team has no spark or personality with him.

    By Ryan Phillips on Jan 3, 2012

  4. Norv Turner has got to go, I hated the hire when it happened at first. He has never been a winner. He was handed the keys to a Ferrari and coached it like a Yugo. The talent is there but to see the Lions chew up the defense and no changes made during the game was crazy. One win and the Chargers are in. Mr. Spanos, please do not let us go through another year with this loser.

    By Kevin Y on Jan 3, 2012

  5. Was a Charger fan since tha AFL was start in 1960 & the Chargers were in L.A. Every year it’s the same. 46 years of super bowls & no wins. I quess the Chargers will always have their win in the AFL championship against the Boston Patriots in the 1960’s. They sure aren’t the Pittsburgh Steelers who know how to win.

    By Rich C on Jan 3, 2012

  6. What they need to do is hire Norval’s brother Ron to run the offense. That will fix everything!

    By Cousin Charlie on Jan 3, 2012

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