Someone Please Remind the Redskins They Suck

October 5, 2011 – 1:26 am by Hickey

It started innocuously enough this preseason with Rex Grossman, who proclaimed that the Washington Redskins were the team to beat in the NFC East.

We all had a hearty chuckle and said, “Oh, that Rex.”

Trouble is the Skins haven’t stopped talking ridiculous nonsense ever since.

First, there was DeAngelo Hall chiming in a couple weeks ago saying that he would be targeting Tony Romo’s ribs when the Skins played the Cowboys on Monday Night Football, which was arguably the most over-the-top thing anyone has said about an upcoming game since Reg Dunlop put a bounty out on the head of Syracuse Bulldogs chief punk Tim McCracken. The only difference is Reg Dunlop is a movie character.

Now, tight end Chris Cooley has jumped onto the anti-Romo pile, telling a radio show it was “amazing” to watch Romo choke against the Lions this week.

You know what else is amazing, Chris? That a choking-ass quarterback like Tony Romo just beat you with two broken ribs and a punctured lung two weeks ago. Maybe you should worry about keeping cameras away from your dong and go sit in the corner and think this one over for awhile.

Amazingly, Cooley wasn’t the only one shooting his mouth off this week.

Running back Tim Hightower also joined the mix, telling CSN Washington that the Redskins will be representing the NFC at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

Would now be a good time to remind the fellas they haven’t won a division title since 1999?

At least coach Mike Shanahan still has kept some sense of perspective, reminding his team of the handy old cliche of taking it one week at a time in an interview with the Redskins’ team site.

We’ll see if they start following his advice or just become the NFC version of the Jets, only with even less reason to be bragging about themselves.

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  1. 9 Responses to “Someone Please Remind the Redskins They Suck”

  2. We will get that memo out …. Now someone also get out the memo that the skins are 3-1 and playing way better football than the cowgirls also include in that memo that Rob Ryan makes some pretty outrageous remarks his self ( miles Austin and dez Bryant are better than Calvin Johnson) Ohh and Tony Romo is by far the best player… For every team except the cowboys lol

    By Rj on Oct 5, 2011

  3. The Sex Cannon is back! Do not ruin this! I need something to distract me from my job, and this is one of the best KSKharacters. Ever.

    Plus, have the ‘Skins realized that the Packers are in the NFC?

    By MJenks on Oct 5, 2011

  4. Firstly, Romo beat nobody as he failed to get the ball in the endzone the entire game. Rex Grossman lost that game with his horrible quarterbacking. Secondly, so far the Redskins have dominated every team they’ve played so far, including the cowboys even more so than the score indicates. To the commenter above, anything can happen; if I’m not mistaken (which I’m not) the Redskins did beat the Packer’s last year.)And last of all last time I checked it didn’t matter how you’ve played the last 10+ years, what matters is how you play this year. You should really consider another career, as sports journalism just isn’t your thing!

    By Ryan on Oct 5, 2011

  5. Should be a comma after cowboys.

    By Ryan on Oct 5, 2011

  6. @Ryan – If this was a Facebook and there was a “Like” button, I would be liking both of your comments (Yes… proper punctuation is important to me).

    @Hickey – You are terrible at writing and Romo jus t LOST the game to the Lions with two-pick sixs. I would take Grossman this season over Romo’s sh**ty clutch performances any day of the week.

    By SG on Oct 5, 2011

  7. I meant to say say “If this was Facebook” disregard the “a”.

    By SG on Oct 5, 2011

  8. Somehow I have been confused for a Cowboys apologist and now I must defend my honor.

    I will give the Skins credit for one good win against the Giants. Beating Arizona and St. Louis does nothing for me. And frankly the loss to Dallas is pretty embarrassing — how many times did the Cowboys put the ball on the carpet in that game and still manage to win? Plus no matter how poorly Romo played, he still was the winning QB and beat the Redskins. Check the record book. You lost to him.

    That said, Washington is in a good position to contend for the East as the Eagles sputter. But they need to listen to their coach and remember they haven’t proven jack squat yet. All I ask for is some humility until braggadocio is actually warranted.

    By Hickey on Oct 5, 2011

  9. Humility …. Or a reminder that they suck…. Because they are not the same thing and Tony Romo did not beat the redskins you check the stats. The redskins beat the cowboys for 4 quarters and lost te game on 3 plays… The reality is ur a cowboys cheerleader and because they suck and there is nothing good to be written about them you bash the skins.. I agree with SG you are an awful writer

    By Rj on Oct 6, 2011

  10. “if I’m not mistaken (which I’m not) the Redskins did beat the Packer’s last year.)”

    Ka-loo, ka-lay. Let’s see them beat the Packers this year. In Lambeau. In January.

    If the Sex Cannon hasn’t fucked it and gone deep and let the Giants win the division.

    By MJenks on Oct 6, 2011

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