Are You Ready For Some Stupidity?

October 4, 2011 – 12:44 am by Hickey

For years, I have opined to my friends that Hank Williams, Jr. has the easiest job in the world: singing the Monday Night Football theme. Just slightly tweak the lyrics to reflect the teams playing that week, and voila, you have your paycheck. In order to lose a gig like that, you’d have to do something pretty stupid.

On Monday, Bocephus managed to do just that, at least on a temporary basis, when he compared Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler as a guest on a Fox News program. (What, did you expect him to be on the Rachel Maddow show?)

Hank put his boot in his mouth when he said House Speaker John Boehner playing golf with Obama this summer would have been like Hitler playing golf with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Such a pairing, of course, is totally ludicrous — Netanyahu was born four years after Hitler’s death. Furthermore, Hitler’s short game was terrible and he’d have never agreed to a match.

Anyway, when the Fox News anchor was understandably confused by Hank’s analogy, the follow-up explanation didn’t do much to improve things.

“I’m glad you don’t (understand), brother, because a lot of people do. They’re the enemy.” When asked who, Williams said: “Obama. And Biden. Are you kidding? The Three Stooges.”

At this point, ESPN was left with no choice but to pull the plug on Williams’ traditional “Are You Ready For Some Football?” intro. How the hell can you have a guy who can’t even count to three promoting your product? (Upon reflection I suppose he may have been referring to Boehner as the third stooge, but at best that guy is Shemp).

Part of me thinks that Hank may have intentionally sabotaged himself with the comments because he wasn’t able to think of any lyrics for Monday’s matchup between the Colts and Buccaneers. I mean, what the hell rhymes with Curtis Painter, anyway?

Here’s what I imagine him trying to present instead:

Are you ready for some Nazis?

Are you ready for a Nuremberg party?

Obama and Biden are here to get the whole thing kick-started

No really, keep listening, I swear I’m not retarded

Barry and Joe are gonna start the Fourth Reich

With all them rowdy Dems right here on Monday Night!!!!

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  2. Hahaha, awesome. While I can’t remember a time Hank Jr. didn’t sing the MNF theme song, I can’t say that I would totally miss it if I never heard it again. I pretty much just tune it out at this point. Besides, everyone knows that Hank Williams the 3rd (who I have met) is the best musician in that family.

    By Cousin Charlie on Oct 4, 2011

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