When Questionable Footwear Meets Joey Barton

September 9, 2011 – 12:17 am by TheBaker

I hate Uggs. Can’t stand them. Think they should be thrown into the Waponi Volcano along with Joe Banks.

I’m no fashion critic (I leave that to my fashion designer brother), but the fluffy boots are aptly named (meaning they’re ugly).

I first started seeing these monstrosities while in college. Initially, it was an East Coast thing, and then it mushroomed into an every-girl-with-two-feet thing. They all swear Uggs are the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever worn. But since when did comfort become a prerequisite for women’s footwear? You know because those eight-inch heeled Jimmy Choo pumps look like comfort personified. False.

Luckily, I follow English soccer star and resident nut-job Joey Barton on Twitter. Now, Joey has been in the news a lot recently, mainly due to his Twitter account in which the midfielder continued to chide his then-employer Newcastle United (they of the recently launched lingerie line) until the club could take no more and let him walk for free to Queens Park Rangers.

Fresh to the QPR locker room, it hasn’t taken Barton long to make friends, including forward Jay Bothroyd. Unfortunately for Bothroyd, he showed up Thursday wearing questionable footwear.

Barton tweeted: “Bothroyd has bowled up in ugg’s today. He’s 6’3 and size 11. I think they’ll end up in the shower.”

Well, they stayed dry – just not intact.

“Oh no, the tops fell off his new ugg’s……go get a refund @jaybothroyd #unacceptablefootwear”

(Pictures after the jump.)

QPR defender Fitz Hall finds a use for the detached boot and has a toupee that would make Marv Albert and Donald Trump proud.

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  1. 3 Responses to “When Questionable Footwear Meets Joey Barton”

  2. Did a Joe Vs. The Volcano reference really just happen?

    By Hickey on Sep 9, 2011

  3. It happened. And with great vigor.

    By Ryan Phillips on Sep 9, 2011

  4. That guys rug looks better than Rooney’s, and for a few quid less too

    By Booter on Sep 9, 2011

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