McD’s College Football Week Two Picks

September 9, 2011 – 12:00 pm by McD

I honestly couldn’t find a game I care about previewing in depth this week. Not for a lack of good games, just none of them have a hook or anything interesting happening. The potential conference meltdown has sucked all the fun out of this week. Plus it’s time for a lot of good teams to play crappy opponents for the next couple of weeks to pad the bowl resume.

TCU/Air Force should be mildly interesting, but there’s no way Gary Patterson lets his squad repeat the Baylor fiasco. Though I don’t know how that’s possible anyway since Air Force doesn’t throw the ball. I’ll probably flip to South Carolina/Georgia too, if only to laugh some more at the Bulldogs and their fans who are convinced UGA should be a top ten program every year even though they NEVER have been consistently good. But if an SEC school isn’t a football school, then what are they, right?

My record after week 1: 9-2 W/L, 7-4 ATS

What I’m watching:

12 pm ET – Oregon State/Wisconsin. I need a nap since it’ll be a late night

3:30 pm – Alabama/Penn State until it’s a blowout and then probably TCU/Air Force

7 pm – Virginia/Indiana. Sigh. This is the life we chose.

12 pm ET

Iowa (1-0) at Iowa State (1-0) (+7)

Just for my dad, an Iowa native. Who inexplicably cares about this game still.

Pick: Iowa wins but doesn’t cover

Toledo (1-0) at (15) Ohio State (1-0) (-18.5)

Because Ohio State never, ever loses these games.

Pick: Ohio State wins and covers

Oregon State (0-1) at (8) Wisconsin (1-0) (-21.5)

This one could be even uglier after OSU’s horrible loss last week.

Pick: Wisconsin wins and covers

12:21 pm ET

(16) Mississippi State (1-0) at Auburn (1-0) (+7)

Reality finally sets in for Auburn.

Pick: Mississippi State wins and covers

3:30 pm ET

(3) Alabama (1-0) at (23) Pennsylvania State (1-0) (+10.5)

Tide probably win by like 12 or 13 here on the road.

Pick: Alabama wins and covers

Hawai’i (1-0) at Washington (1-0) (-6.5)

After that showing last week, no way does UW blow them out.

Pick: Washington wins but doesn’t cover

(25) Texas Christian (0-1) at Air Force (1-0) (+1.5)

Line is way closer than it should be just because TCU had a crazy shootout with Baylor.

Pick: TCU wins and covers

Nevada (0-0) at (13) Oregon (0-1) (-27)

If I could wish this upset into existence, I would. But Nevada just isn’t who they were last year.

Pick: Oregon wins and covers.

Cincinnati (1-0) at Tennessee (1-0) (-4.5)

Volunteers only because Cincy’s on the road.

Pick: Tennessee wins and covers.

4:30 pm ET

(12) South Carolina (1-0) at Georgia (0-1) (+3)

It’s only this close because Georgia’s at home.

Pick: SC wins and covers

7 pm ET

Virginia (1-0) at Indiana (0-1) (+7)

Total homer pick, but I don’t care. I have to believe we have a shot.

Pick: Indiana

Brigham Young (1-0) at (24) Texas (1-0) (-7)

Feels like an “uh oh” game for Texas even though they’re better.

Pick: Texas wins but doesn’t cover

7:30 pm ET

Utah (1-0) at Southern California (1-0) (-9)

I have no idea how good or bad Utah is, but USC sucked last week and their field is still jacked up, so there’s no reason to think they’ll just rebound and blow some one out.

Pick: USC wins but doesn’t cover

8 pm ET

Notre Dame (0-1) at Michigan (1-0) (+3)

Seriously? After that fiasco against USF, Notre Dame gets to be a road favorite in Ann Arbor? No f-ing way this game is an easy one for either team.

Pick: Michigan


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