Cleveland’s Tide Turning? Ehh…

May 19, 2011 – 1:58 am by Hickey

Based on the happenings of the past few weeks, it would appear that woebegone Cleveland is starting to experience something typically associated with fictional former Indians closer Rick Vaughn… winning.

First, Peyton Hillis shocked the world by becoming the most average football player since, well, John Madden to be named to the cover of the Madden video game. (Daunte Culpepper isn’t good enough to be considered average, in case you were wondering).

Cleveland’s latest Cinderella story came when Dan Gilbert’s 14-year-old son — who I totally thought was 7 until I learned he had a neurological disorder, which in turn made me feel bad for thinking that — was on stage as the Cavs won the NBA Draft lottery to nab this year’s top pick after losing LeBron James to free agency last summer. (You may have heard something about it).

Not only that, but the Cavs also have the fourth pick. Jackpot!

But… there’s a catch.

Unlike the last time the Cavs had the top choice and nabbed LeBron, this time around there is no guarantee of a franchise player anywhere at the top of the board, and maybe not even anywhere in the Top 10. Duke point guard Kyrie Irving is considered the top choice by most, but pardon me for not being completely sold on a kid who has played a whopping 11 games in his college career. And the combination of a town that’s cursed (Cleveland) with a position that’s cursed (former Duke PG — I’m looking at you, Bobby Hurley and Jay Williams) seems like trouble waiting to happen. Not to mention drafting Irving would present the Cavs with the trouble of finding some way to get rid of the final two years and $28 million it currently owes to Baron Davis at that position.

Trouble is, I’m not sure what better option there is than Irving.

But don’t let me be the guy who rains on the parade. Cleveland’s on a roll. Even the Indians are in first place! And they will NOT let you down.

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