Week 13 College Football Scores

November 27, 2010 – 8:00 am by McD

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Record after week 12: 132-56 (94-90-4 ATS)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

8 pm ET

(17) Texas A&M (8-3) at Texas (5-6) (+3.5)

Pick: Texas

Final: Texas A&M 24 Texas 17

Well thank God that’s over for Texas. What a miserable season. Even better: Texas at 5-7 will have the same record as either Indiana or Purdue by about 4pm on Saturday.

I know their offense sucked, but this can’t be ALL Greg Davis’ fault. Shit, the guy built an entire system around mobile, efficient quarterbacks (Vince Young, Colt McCoy), and he’s got to have the same success with Garrett Fucking Gilbert? When there isn’t one other, not ONE OTHER, playmaker on that entire unit? That’s just unfair to fire him.

Record: 132-57 (94-91-4 ATS)

Friday, November 26, 2010

12 pm ET

West Virginia (7-3) at Pittsburgh (6-4) (-2.5)

Pick: West Virginia

Final: WVU 35 Pitt 10

Days like this make me wish Indiana was in the Big East. I’d take the beating in basketball if it meant we were guaranteed six to eight wins every year in football, which we would be in the Big East.

Record: 133-57 (95-91-4 ATS)

2:30 pm ET

(2) Auburn (11-0) at (9) Alabama (9-2) (-4)

Pick: Alabama

Final: Auburn 28 Alabama 27

Read my game wrap here.

Record: 133-58 (95-92-4 ATS)

7 pm ET

(20) Arizona (7-3) at (1) Oregon (10-0) (-19)

Pick: Oregon

Final: Oregon 48 Arizona 29

Nothing to see here, folks. Just another win for a team on its way to the BCS title game.

Record: 134-58 (95-92-5 ATS)

10:15 pm ET

(3) Boise State (10-0) at (19) Nevada (10-1) (-14)

Pick: Boise State

Final: Nevada 34 Boise State 31

What happened, Nevada? We thought you were cool.

Record: 134-59 (95-93-5 ATS)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

12 pm ET

Indiana (4-7) at Purdue (4-7) (-3)

Pick: Indiana

Final: Indiana 34 Purdue 31 (OT)

We won the Old Oaken Bucket. The Hoosiers showed heart, determination, and guts. And it all didn’t mean a damn thing because it’s only IU’s fifth win.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a big win for the team, and it’s always fun to make Purdue suffer. I’m just disappointed in the season as a whole. As are most other fans, I’m thinking.

Record: 135-59 (96-93-5 ATS)

Boston College (6-5) at Syracuse (7-4) (-3)

Pick: Syracuse

Final: BC 16 Syracuse 7

I’m sure this game was just as entertaining as overtime in West Lafayette, IN. Sure looks that way.

Record: 135-60 (96-94-5 ATS)

Michigan (7-4) at (8) Ohio State (10-1) (-17)

Pick: Ohio State wins but doesn’t cover

Final: OSU 37 Michigan 7

No, Michigan, you don’t have to keep Rich Rodriguez just because you’re going to a bowl game for the first time since Lloyd Carr was still the head coach. Unless you’re happy getting your asses kicked forever by Ohio State.

Record: 136-60 (96-95-5 ATS)

(11) Michigan State (10-1) at Penn State (7-4) (+1.5)

Pick: Michigan State

Final: MSU 28 PSU 22

MSU tried hard to gag away their share of the Big Ten title, but they pulled it off anyway. What’s a “share” of a title anyway. Does everyone get half a trophy or a third of a trophy? Only one of them gets the BCS money anyway, unless the BCS decides to screw Stanford instead.

Record: 137-60 (97-95-5 ATS)

South Florida (6-4) at Miami (7-4) (-11.5)

Pick: Miami

Final: USF 23 Miami 20 (OT)

Nice season, Miami. I’m sure firing Larry Coker instead of going on probation again was totally worth it.

Record: 137-61 (97-96-5 ATS)

12:30 pm ET

Kansas (3-8) at (15) Missouri (9-2) (-24.5)

Pick: Missouri

Final: Missouri 35 Kansas 7

Except for one year, I feel sorry for anyone who watched this game. It’s just an excuse for these two states to hate each other even more openly, but it’s a shame this game is routinely an abomination.

Record: 138-61 (98-96-5 ATS)

3:30 pm ET

(6) Louisiana State (10-1) at (12) Arkansas (9-2) (-3.5)

Pick: Arkansas

Final: Arkansas 31 LSU 23

The craziest stat from the game is that Ryan Mallett only threw 23 times and Arkansas won. MAN does LSU suck. Arkansas’ defense was begging to get smoked, and it just never happened.

Record: 139-61 (99-96-5 ATS)

Florida (7-4) at (22) Florida State (8-3) (-2.5)

Pick: Florida State

Final: FSU 31 UF 7

I wish I had gone to a school where 7-5 was a disastrous year, a year that would get the offensive coordinator fired and have everyone questioning basically every position on the team. That’s how it is for Florida this year, and I’m jealous.

That said, they don’t get to complain too loudly because they’re still bowl-eligible, and Texas had a much, much worse season.

Record: 140-61 (100-96-5 ATS)

Brigham Young (6-5) at (23) Utah (9-2) (-9)

Pick: Utah wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Utah 17 BYU 16

Hope everyone enjoyed the Holy War for the last time.

Record: 141-61 (101-96-5 ATS)

Northwestern (7-4) at (5) Wisconsin (10-1) (-23)

Pick: Wisconsin

Final: Wisconsin 70 Northwestern 23

No idea when Wisconsin decided they had to run it up on weak teams, but this is definitely the year.

Record: 142-61 (102-96-5 ATS)

7 pm ET

(18) South Carolina (8-3) at Clemson (6-5) (+3)

Pick: South Carolina

Final: USC 29 Clemson 7

Clemson sucks. End of story. Hope South Carolina is up to the task against Auburn, not that it matters anymore. I mean, sure TCU in the BCS title game would be sweet, but I’m not thrilled about it.

Record: 143-61 (103-96-5 ATS)

7:30 pm ET

Oregon State (5-5) at (7) Stanford (10-1) (-14)

Pick: Stanford

Final: Stanford 38 Oregon State 0

It’s laughable that Oregon State is going to be a challenge for Oregon, but crazy things do happen in the Civil War. Just saying…

Record: 144-61 (104-96-5 ATS)

7:45 pm ET

Georgia Tech (6-5) at Georgia (5-6) (-13.5)

Pick: Georgia Tech

Final: Georgia 42 Georgia Tech 34

Hooray, both Georgia teams are bowl-eligible. Bad year for the Yellow Jackets, though. Again, I wish Indiana’s down year was 6-6.

Record: 144-62 (104-97-5 ATS)

8 pm ET

(14) Oklahoma (9-2) at (10) Oklahoma State (10-1) (-3)

Pick: Oklahoma

Final: OU 47 OSU 41

OU did their best to make it interesting, but they held on anyway. Great Bedlam game, but OSU screwed up again. If only they were more like…Oklahoma?

Record: 145-62 (105-97-5 ATS)

Notre Dame (6-5) at Southern California (7-4) (OFF)

Pick: USC

Final: Notre Dame 20 USC 16

Just a brutally ugly game by everyone’s backups. Can we all agree Mitch Mustain was never that good? And also, when did USC stop being able to run the ball? That was like a hallmark of the Pete Carroll Era’s golden years, but they’ve really sucked at it for the last three years or so.

Record after week 13: 145-63 (105-98-5 ATS)

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