Your Week Seven College Football Scores

October 16, 2010 – 1:48 pm by McD

Read my week seven picks here.

Record after week six: 66-27 (45-45-3 ATS)

12 pm ET

Arkansas State (2-4) at Indiana (3-2) (-10)

Pick: Indiana

Final: Indiana 36 Arkansas State 34

Okay, okay, I’m trying to stop hyperventilating and remind myself that a win is a win. Guh.

This might be the worst situation for Indiana to be in. They managed a win they were supposed to get, but the game was much closer than it should have been and there were severe flaws in the way the Hoosiers played. This means they’ve got a ton of stuff to work on over the next week and can’t just be happy they won. They’re probably a little bit pissed that they won the way they did. Games like this just arent a relief like they should be.

With a road game against Illinois next week that’s all but must-win, the Hoosiers have a lot to work on.

They are so one-dimensional that even Arkansas State can gameplan for them. The defense has not improved even a little from week one. And the coaches seem a little helpless.

I don’t know exactly what to say. I’m just…glad we won. Yeesh.

Record: 67-27 (45-46-3 ATS)

Illinois (3-2) at (13) Michigan State (6-0) (-7)

Pick: Michigan State

Final: Michigan State 26 Illinois 6

No idea what happened, but I’m sure Michigan State ended up dominating. Because screw Illinois, that’s why. I don’t wish any personal pain on any of their players, but I could care less what happens to their sports programs in general. It’s kind of like hating Purdue but feeling bad for Robbie Hummel.

Record: 68-27 (46-46-3 ATS)

(21) Missouri (5-0) at Texas A&M (3-2) (-3.5)

Pick: Missouri

Final: Missouri 30 TAMU 9

Yeah, the Aggies are a mess. Actually, maybe they’re only as good as they were always going to be, and the hype machine made them seem like a dark horse. Jerrod Johnson sure wishes no one had heard of him right about now.

Is Mike Sherman on the hot seat? I can’t tell. It’s not like anyone else would do any better in College Station. This might be a program that’s completely screwed and will never be a big-time program ever again. Instead of flirting with the SEC, maybe they should have thought about the Sun Belt Conference.

Record: 69-27 (47-46-3 ATS)

3:30 pm ET

(12) Arkansas (4-1) at (7) Auburn (6-0) (-3.5)

Pick: Auburn

Final: Auburn 65 Arkansas 43

Nice, uh, defensive struggle at Auburn today. Sure glad those units spent all week gameplanning and getting ready for the other team’s offense.

If Arkansas fans didn’t know Tyler Wilson’s name before, they definitely know it now. Hell of a showing by a kid no one outside of Fayetteville knew much about. I also would never have bet a game would be this entertaining with Ryan Mallett missing the entire second half of the game with a concussion. I knew Arkansas was done at that point, but Jesus did they refuse to die quietly.

Let the Auburn/LSU-pocalypse begin…

Record: 70-27 (48-46-3 ATS)

California (3-2) at Southern California (4-2) (-2.5)

Pick: USC

Final: USC 48 Cal 14

Cal held USC to only six points in the second half while they scored 14 of their own to make the game not interesting at all because they were down 42-0 at halftime. Guess that’s how it is in Berkeley these days.

I’m still wondering what the level of success they’re looking for at Cal is. It seems like they’ve been stuck at this same level of Tedford-mediocrity for a hell of a long time. Aaron Rodgers and Kyle Boller couldn’t get them completely over the hump, and every year the Bears have at least two terrible losses. Guess this is one of them.

Record: 71-27 (49-46-3 ATS)

(15) Iowa (4-1) at Michigan (5-1) (+3.5)

Pick: Iowa

Final: Iowa 38 Michigan 28

Apparently, Denard Robinson got hurt, completely screwing Michigan. Oh, right, they were going to lose anyway. Even Michigan fan had to know this was only a matter of time. There was no way the Wolverines were going to compete for the conference title this year. Their defense is unbelievably awful, and Robinson is their entire team.

Did anyone else know Ricky Stanzi is one of the most efficient passers in the nation? Me either. I can’t even think of a snarky comment for that. It’s just that amazing.

Record: 72-27 (50-46-3 ATS)

Texas (3-2) at (5) Nebraska (5-0) (-10)

Pick: Nebraska wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Texas 20 Nebraska 13

What did Nebraska do this week, read US Weekly instead of actually do anything at team meetings? It’s not like Texas’ offense is a mystery, people.

Or their defense for that matter. I realize the O wasn’t really doing anything, but is Zac Lee really going to change anything about the offense, or is he just going to keep Taylor Martinez and his big play ability on the sideline? VERY questionable coaching move there.

Otherwise, it’s as I said in the preview. Total disaster for Nebraska. They should have rolled over Texas but instead got punked. Thanks for that, Nebraska. Real fun.

Record: 72-28 (51-46-3 ATS)

(20) Oklahoma State (5-0) at Texas Tech (3-2) (-3)

Pick: Oklahoma State

Final: OSU 34 TTU 17

Guess OSU isn’t as bad as they seem. Or Texas Tech is exactly as bad as they looked against Baylor last week.

Record: 73-28 (52-46-3 ATS)

4 pm ET

Brigham Young (2-4) at (4) Texas Christian (6-0) (-29.5)

Pick: TCU

Final: TCU 31 BYU 3

Come on, TCU. You couldn’t kick one more garbage time field goal or get a pick six on an interception at the end of the game or something? That’s fucking lame.

Record: 74-28 (52-47-3 ATS)

6 pm ET

(10) South Carolina (4-1) at Kentucky (3-3) (+5)

Pick: South Carolina

Final: UK 31 USC 28

And the letdown game strikes again. You have to admit this was the perfect situation for one. Teams that beat the number one team in the country are especially suseptible to it too. Which is why I’m betting against Wisconsin next week.

South Carolina is just another example of the real lesson for this week: the SEC East sucks ass this year.

Record: 74-29 (52-48-3 ATS)

North Carolina (3-2) at Virginia (2-3) (+6.5)

Pick: North Carolina

Final: UNC 44 UVA 10

Did anyone who is not directly affiliated with these schools actually watch this game?

Record: 75-29 (53-48-3 ATS)

7 pm ET

(1) Ohio State (6-0) at (18) Wisconsin (5-1) (+4)

Pick: Wisconsin

Final: Wisconsin 31 OSU 18

Actually got to watch this game while on vacation in California, much to my wife’s chagrin. Terrelle Pryor was exactly what you’d expect when he was pressured and forced to throw: totally below average as a passer. He torched Indiana last week because the Hoosiers couldn’t get to him. Wisky’s D-line completely dominated and Pryor was running for his life all night. And for the record, his decision making is still Jamarcus Russell-bad.

I guess all one needs to beat Ohio State’s defense is John Clay, so go find us a 250-pound back, Bill Lynch.

Otherwise, you’d be insane to take Wisconsin on the road against Iowa next week. It’s literally the exact same circumstances that sunk South Carolina this week, only Iowa is way fucking better than Kentucky.

Record: 76-29 (54-48-3 ATS)

Baylor (4-2) at Colorado (3-2) (+1.5)

Pick: Baylor

Final: Baylor 31 CU 25

The rest of the Pac-10, Utah included, can’t wait for CU to join the conference. Who wouldn’t want to play a slow, uninventive team that totally lacks any semblance of a playmaker on either side of the ball? Shit, even Washington State is excited to play Colorado.

Baylor needs one more win for bowl eligibility. That’s right. Baylor. But that means they have to win one of the following games: K-State at home, at Texas, at Oklahoma State, Texas A&M at home, and Oklahoma at home. Better get it done next week, boys.

Record: 77-29 (55-48-3 ATS)

Mississippi State (4-2) at (22) Florida (4-2) (-7.5)

Pick: Florida

Final: MSU 10 UF 7

Is that REALLY the score? Bwahahahahahahhahahahaha.

Way to move on from Tim Tebow, Gators. Maybe Urban Meyer needs to go back to the 20-hour days that almost killed him because this year’s Gators squad might do the job first.

Record: 77-30 (55-49-3 ATS)

8 pm ET

(23) Air Force (5-1) at San Diego State (3-2) (+1)

Pick: SDSU

Final: SDSU 27 Air Force 25

Way to go, Aztecs! Big fucking win!

Not that my celebration should be in any way construed as rooting against America’s armed services. How DO we walk that like every week? I’m glad IU doesn’t schedule any service academies. Yeesh.

Record: 78-30 (56-49-3 ATS)

9 pm ET

Mississippi (3-2) at (8) Alabama (5-1) (-20.5)

Pick: Alabama

Final: Alabama 23 Ole Miss 10

Even when Alabam kicks some one’s ass, it’s boring. I’ve never seen a team with that many playmakers look that lame on a play-to-play basis. Yeah, I saw Richardson’s 83 yard screen pass touchdown, but so what? Not only was it more the result of good blocking than any individual awesomeness, it was a fucking SCREEN PASS. The honey-nut cheerios of football plays.

Whoever threw that awesome block for Alabama gets a Buckeye, though. Who said proper blocking isn’t fun?

Record: 79-30 (56-50-3 ATS)

10:15 pm ET

(24) Oregon State (3-2) at Washington (2-3) (-1)

Pick: Oregon State

Final: UW 35 OSU 34 (2 OT)

I’m sure people are going to wonder why Mike Riley went for two a full overtime period early. My response to that is: that’s just who he is. He approaches every game like his team is the underdog and they’re going to have to do everything they can to win.

Sometimes that philosophy costs his guys games, which is why he’ll never win a national title. But a lot of times, it gets his guys wins they had no business getting.

I couldn’t stand it when he was the Chargers’ coach, but the further away I get from that time period (and the more Norv Turner fucks things up), the more I like Mike Riley.

Record: 79-31 (56-51-3 ATS)

11:30 pm ET

(19) Nevada (6-0) at Hawai’i (4-2) (+6.5)

Pick: Nevada

Final: Hawai’i 27 Nevada 21

Well that’s just fucking great, Nevada.

You know this is one of the reasons they want out of the WAC. Roadies to Hawai’i, which are much more difficult than they seem, just aren’t the kind of perk teams want anymore. Plus, they can fucking lose because the Warriors are a pain in the ass to play.

This fucking sucks. I had high hopes for you, Nevada. That’s weak. Even worse, you’ve cursed my beloved Hoosiers with your offense, taking advantage of a coach who isn’t aware that IU doesn’t have even remotely the personnel required to run said offense properly. Thanks guys. Cocks.

Record after week seven: 79-32 (56-52-3 ATS)

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