Link Dump!

June 7, 2010 – 4:49 pm by McD

Know why Trindon Holliday has “a long way to go in the NFL”? BECAUSE LSU NEVER USED HIM LIKE ONE!! EVER!! – Friends of the Program

Charles Oakley has some strong thoughts on Dwight Howard. To say the least – No Guts, No Glory

Good metaphor for the destruction of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but I feel like Rome would have won at least one championship – Midwest Sports Fans

What, no SB Nation Indianapolis? – SB Nation

That’ll do it for Jeff Suppan in Milwaukee – Journal-Sentinel

And here’s a little kid drinking beer at a Phillies game – Deadspin

Great Dan Wetzel piece about the impending destruction of the Big XII – Yahoo! Sports

Enjoy Sacramento, Daunte – UFL

The long, local nightmare is over. Malcolm Floyd is ending his sit-out of whatever it is the Chargers are doing right now – Union-Tribune

Nebraska is a Big Ten team and doesn’t even know it yet – Orangebloods

Bryce Harper: Outfielder – Fangraphs

Would have been cooler if the guy had missed – Waggle Room

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  2. Apparently, there’s two things they don’t do in Cleveland: win championships and brush up on their Western Civ before making ham-fisted comparisons between their teams and ancient civilizations.

    By MJenks on Jun 8, 2010

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