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January 11, 2010 – 5:05 pm by McD

Hell yes it’s the LT Dance. Playoffs, bitches!

McGwire admits what we all knew then anyway. Kind of makes those ball-licking articles about him back in the day seem even more slanted and pathetic, doesn’t it? – Sports Illustrated

Sorry fellas, Minka and Derek are tying the knot. Or something. Hope she likes herpes – NY Post

Wait, the Lakers are dealing for Chris Bosh? Wow – NY Post

A candlelight vigil for Pete Carroll. I know Phillips is there with them in spirit – No Guts, No Glory

Jim McMahon is not a fan of the Bears’ ownership – Not Qualified to Comment

DeMarcus Cousins dunked on, hard – Strait Pinkie

Should Vick be a starter in 2010? – The Scores Report

Packers fans, stop crying about the facemask. The Cardinals scored 51 points on your defense. 51 f*cking points – Shutdown Corner

Why the f*ck wouldn’t Donovan McNabb be the quarterback next year? – Philadelphia Daily News

Oh right, golf season just started, didn’t it? – Devil Ball Golf

The most ridiculous names to appear on The Simpsons –

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