Kyle Orton Reminds Us Just How Awful the Lions Remain

October 6, 2008 – 11:17 am by admin

Yep, we totally agree that mercifully firing Matt Millen was both a long time coming and much needed. But that obviously doesn’t change anything that’s going on with the Detroit Lions.

That is particularly obvious when you let Bears quarterback Kyle Orton roll you up for 334 yards in the air en route to losing 34-7 — at home. Rex Grossman had to feel awfully jealous he couldn’t get in there and air it out against the Lions. Hell, we’re jealous.

Sad thing is, firing Millen years after he totally demolished the roster and ran the team into the ground isn’t going to help much.

Neither is suiting him up to play either apparently:

“Matt Millen does not run the ball, throw the ball or catch the ball,” said receiver Roy Williams, whose disgust during the game was evident throughout the stadium. “We can suit him up and see if he can play middle linebacker, but I don’t think that’s going to help.”

Too bad. He was a hell of a lot better player than he was a general manager. We say put him in pads and let him get brutalized like all the crappy players he assembled. That’d be much more fun.

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  2. They did let Rex come in and run the clock out though. That’s all he should be allowed to do. Roy Williams doesn’t catch the ball either, did he watch the game film of himself?

    By Cousin Charlie on Oct 6, 2008

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