Sir, I Challenge You To A Duel

December 8, 2011 – 1:18 am by TheBaker

While most of the boxing world was focused on Margarito-Cotto II: El Grudge Match, a few hours earlier and an ocean away, another bout was worthy of headlines.

In what is being called one of the worst robberies in recent memory, British heavyweight Dereck Chisora fell victim to blatant hometown scoring in Helsinki as Finnish heavyweight Robert Helenius escaped with a split decision Saturday and the vacant European championship belt in a match which nearly everyone ringside (aside from the judges) thought Chisora won.

Helenius is being tabbed as a potential threat, or at least heir, to the Klitschko throne. The 27-year old undefeated Finn only has 17 professional bouts under his belt, but he already has wins over Samuel Peter, Lamon Brewster and Sergei Liakhovich, so he has faced more than your average European stiff.

Therefore it makes good business for all involved in the sport to keep Helenius undefeated and on the fast track. Hence Saturday’s decision. That, and you basically would have had to murder Helenius to get a decision in Helsinki.

Chisora’s promoter, Frank Warren, a 30-year veteran of boxing, called it “one of the worst decisions I’ve seen in the sport.”

Chisora is demanding a rematch – rightfully so. Though Del Boy isn’t snatching the mic and going all WWF on us (I refuse to call it WWE, even though I’ve seen enough World Wildlife Fund Dick Van Dyke commercials to make me reconsider). Instead, Chisora is going new age by calling out the new EBU Heavyweight Champion with a personal blog post. Yup. Hardcore.

The text of that post is after the jump.

Without further ado:

Calls and messages of support following my supposed “loss” to Robert Helenius, have compelled me to break my silence.

On Saturday, the whole world saw yet another travesty in our beloved sport of boxing when the judges dubiously awarded the vacant ECB belt to my opponent, Robert Helenius. So bad was the call that I felt I could have just stayed away in north London and watched Helenius’ “coronation” as European Boxing’s Lord and Emperor in the comfort of home on the telly!

I am not one to moan and bleat about a bad result. The heavyweight I am is built to take knocks and trips, my champion instincts cajole me to stand up when I fall or lose; and the disciplined professional athlete in me is ever gracious even in the most unjust defeats.

And as Saturday’s is one – and a glaring, blatant one – I feel it’s only fair that I demand an immediate rematch against Helenius.

The thousands who came to see the fight in that massive Hartwall Areena on Saturday will at the very least privately admit shock and surprise at the decision. Millions other boxing fans watching the bout on the small screens; and starved of a true and exciting heavyweight champion for years, felt as sour in the mouth as I did after the fight.

For me, these are the people who matter because the fans are more important judges than anyone else in my trade and industry.

Those judges overlook one very important fact. Saturday’s result will do little to drag the reputation of the world heavyweight boxing category out of the state of crisis which many observers, pundits and fans feel it is enmeshed in.

When I was in that ring alone with Helenius, I saw a lot which no one else in world except the two of us did. Robert will be the first to admit that I gave him the fright of his life. I felt it, I smelt and I touched it. And if he is man enough, he will put that belt back on the table, and I can promise the world, this time I will knock him out and mop the canvas with his head!

I would like to thank all the people that came to the arena, all my fans, promoters and Team Chisora for their belief in support. In you, I know I am a World Champion.  

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  2. This is why boxing keeps loosing ground and MMA is gaining.

    To win you must knock the other guy out. PERIOD!

    By Todd Vatalaro on Dec 30, 2011

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