December 13, 2011 – 3:33 pm by Hickey

The world’s easiest guys to root against, Jerry Sandusky and attorney Joe Amendola, have done it again.

On Tuesday, Amendola, who is defending the former Penn State defensive coordinator on charges of raping multiple boys, suggested that anyone who believed the story that then-Penn State grad assistant Mike McQueary saw Sandusky having sex in the shower with a 10-year-old “dial 1-800-REALITY.”

Well, one enterprising New York Daily News reporter did dial 1-800-REALITY.

And it is, no joke, a gay phone sex service.

I repeat, we are not making this up. Just like no one could make up the title of Sandusky’s autobiography — “Touched.”

So if you believe in Mike McQueary’s story, and also are looking for “bulging, bursting pleasure” at the “hottest place for Triple-X action,” now you know who to call.

Just keep in mind that it’s $2.99 a minute. At those rates, they might even be willing to simulate “horsing around in the shower.”

At this point we can only assume that Sandusky found his lawyer — the same guy who allowed him to be awkwardly interviewed on national TV by Bob Costas — by calling 1-800-DUMBASS.


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