McD’s Week 12 College Football Picks

November 19, 2011 – 9:15 am by McD

What I’m watching:

8:45 am – ESPN3 replay of Oklahoma State/Iowa State because I think I’m getting pranked by some one. No way did OSU lose to ISU. Unless….Oh, yeah, they really ARE Oklahoma State, so yeah that actually makes sense that they would blow their perfect season in Ames, IA instead of in Bedlam in a week or two. Nice work, fellas.

12 pm – Indiana at Michigan State – Shut up. If Iowa State could beat the number two team in the country, Indiana can at least beat the spread.

3:30 pm – DVR-ing SMU/Houston and going out with the family so my kid remembers he really does have a father.

8 pm – OU/Baylor and Texas/K-State – Neither is a super-compelling game, but maybe the combination of both will equal one good game.

12 pm ET

Indiana (1-9) at (15) Michigan State (8-2) (-28)

The spread actually opened a half-point higher, meaning some people somewhere decided that, though Indiana sucks, there’s no way Michigan State beats them by four touchdowns and one more point. DUH. Iowa State inspired me. I’m feeling upsetty.

Pick: Michigan State wins but doesn’t cover

(16) Nebraska (8-2) at (18) Michigan (8-2) (-3.5)

Want to see the forward pass get set back ten years? Then this is your game.

Pick: Michigan

Cincinnati (7-2) at Rutgers (7-3) (+3)

Really only picking this game so all my noon picks aren’t B1G games.

Pick: Cincinnati

(17) Wisconsin (8-2) at Illinois (6-4) (+15.5)

Illinois has done a good job butchering a good start to the season. Then again, so has Wisconsin. But Illinois sucks way worse than Wisconsin even though the Badger defense is vulnerable. Just not to Nathan Scheelhaase and the Illini “passing” game.

Pick: Wisconsin 

Iowa (6-4) at Purdue (5-5) (+1.5)

If you’re into ugly, defensive football, this is definitely your game.

Pick: Purdue

3:30 pm ET

Mississippi State (5-5) at (6) Arkansas (9-1) (-14)

As much as the Bulldog offense sucks, I find it hard to believe that their defense is going to let Arkansas get away from them, even in Fayetteville.

Pick: Arkansas wins but doesn’t cover

(21) Penn State (8-2) at Ohio State (6-4) (-7)

Want to know how big a deal the Penn State thing is for the actual football team? Look at the 6-4, incredibly mediocre Buckeyes giving seven points to the 8-2 Penn State squad that was all but a sure thing for the Rose Bowl before this whole meltdown.

Pick: Ohio State wins but doesn’t cover

SMU (6-4) at (11) Houston (10-0) (-21)

I feel like June Jones will have something for the undefeated Cougars this afternoon. Just doesn’t feel like one run and shoot team will let the other, undefeated, run and shoot team off the hook so easy.

Pick: Houston wins but doesn’t cover

7:30 pm ET

Virginia (7-3) at (25) Florida State (7-3) (-17)

Picking this one specifically so I can go out on a limb. Florida State is vulnerable and overrated while Virginia plays a style that works on the road for upsets (like when they beat Indiana in Bloomington this year…What? Stop looking at me like that.).

Pick: Virginia

8 pm ET

(10) Boise State (8-1) at San Diego State (6-3) (+19)

This is either the very worst time to play Boise State or the very best, depending on how you see the destruction of their season at TCU’s hands. Plus Ronnie Hillman is hurt, so the Aztecs’ shot at controlling the ball doesn’t look great. Crap.

Pick: Boise State

(5) Oklahoma (8-1) at (22) Baylor (6-3) (+16)

Hmmm, team from Oklahoma on the road at a perennial conference patsy with a shot at the title game within their grasp. Yeah upset pick again.

Pick: OU wins but doesn’t cover

(13) Kansas State (8-2) at (23) Texas (6-3) (-8)

No way does Texas pull this off. Not even in Austin.

Pick: Kansas State

USC (8-2) at (4) Oregon (9-1) (-15)

There’s going to be too much LaMichael James for the Trojans to handle. I also think USC’s defense has turned a corner and is much, much faster and more able to deal with what the Ducks will throw at them. Last year, Monte Kiffin was definitely befuddled by the whole Oregon attack, but he’s still Monte Kiffin with a year to prepare. I have a feeling this goes better for USC than it seems.

Pick:¬†Oregon wins but doesn’t cover

9:30 pm ET

Arizona (2-8) at Arizona State (6-4) (-10.5)

Disappointment, thy name is college football in the state of Arizona.

Pick: ASU

10:15 pm ET

California (6-4) at (9) Stanford (9-1) (-18)

Yeah, that spread is about right. Cal sucks, but since this is a rivalry game, they’ll probably suck slightly less.

Pick: Stanford

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  2. How do you rack up 420 yards of offense and only score 16 points? I think I’m glad I had other commitments and couldn’t watch this slopfest…

    By MJenks on Nov 19, 2011

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