Lane Kiffin Donates Beanie To Dan Patrick Show Man Cave

November 22, 2011 – 11:15 pm by Ryan Phillips

USC head coach Lane Kiffin has been making the radio rounds early this week to talk about his team’s stunning 38-35 upset win over Oregon on Saturday, and also to discuss the Trojans’ upcoming rivalry showdown with UCLA.

On Monday he hit the Dan Patrick Show on and was razzed by the host for his “white on white” outfit from the Oregon game. Kiffin admitted that he had picked out the clothes for himself and that he had gotten a lot of heat for it. Well duh Lane, it is after Labor Day, even I know that rule.

Kiffin and Patrick joked about it for a while, the two clearly have a solid interviewer-interviewee relationship and it was light-hearted. You can listen to the interview here.

The big news came on Tuesday that apparently Kiffin has decided to donate the beanie/knit hat he wore during the game Saturday to Patrick’s show’s man cave.

Patrick’s studio was converted into a badass hangout space by the show “Man Caves” back in 2010. Since then he and his staff have collected various types of memorabilia. Apparently Kiffin’s head wear will be the newest piece added to that collection.

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