Erin Andrews Gets Gatorade Bath

November 20, 2011 – 12:30 am by Ryan Phillips

Not sure if you noticed but there was a pretty awesome evening of college football that happened on Saturday night. While USC went into Eugene and upset No. 4 Oregon 38-35 in the night’s biggest game, No. 22 Baylor also knocked off No. 5 Oklahoma 45-38.

A certain sideline reporter we all love was working Baylor’s shocking win, and happened to get a little wet as the clock wound down on the game. Apparently Erin Andrews was right in the middle of the Gatorade bath that someone (we’re not sure yet) got. We’d assume the dump was meant for Baylor head coach Art Briles.

Honestly, I think the Gatorade dumpers were just trying to see Ms. Andrews in a wet t-shirt. Thank you For shame you heroes uncouth ruffians!

Here’s a link to a video of Andrews being a good sport post-Gatorade bath.

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  2. The Gatorade was being hurled at Robert Griffen III, it was about 30 seconds after his post game interview with her.

    By Jj on Nov 20, 2011

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