Don’t Ask Michael Chopra To Pick A Winner

November 2, 2011 – 12:57 am by TheBaker

Well-traveled English soccer player Michael Chopra claims $3 million in gambling debts.

I know, peanuts. Charles Barkley lost $10 million gambling. But since you’ve never heard of Michael Chopra (that is unless you’re a Newcastle fan), he can’t afford that much red ink.

Per BBC News:

“Your first bet’s your worst bet. As the years have come along and I’ve earned more money I’ve started to gamble more. I was gambling up to $32,000 a day at times. As soon as I’d step over the white line I would focus on football – but as soon as I got to the dressing room I would check my phone to see if I’d won. As a gambler you want to be playing to get the appearance money. I was playing through injury to cover a debt.”

And to prevent further injury. I’m sure Britain has plenty of Guy Ritchie characters willing and able to break legs.

In 2007, Cardiff City sold Chopra to Sunderland for close to $8 million. Chopra admitted the move was motivated by a desire to collect a signing bonus to pay off gambling debts.

A year later, he checked into the Sporting Chance rehabilitation clinic. He was able to get all the blow he wanted, he just couldn’t go near a cell phone, computer or sports page.

Unfortunately, Chopra fell off the wagon and was readmitted for three weeks this month.

This wouldn’t have happened if he had followed our resident gambling expert, formerly known as WiseGuyAction.

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