Pete Carroll Tweets Picture Of Seahawks Jersey To LeBron James

October 12, 2011 – 9:07 pm by Ryan Phillips

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is known for his sense of humor and is renown for his adept use of social media. Well, tonight Carroll took advantage of the current NBA lockout to send a message to a potential future player.

Carroll took to his Twitter account and tweeted a picture to LeBron James’ accout of a No. 1 Seahawks jersey with “LeBron” on the back. Here is the exact tweet:

“Hey @KingJames

Carroll is obviously taking advantage of the rumors that LeBron James is considering playing football during the lockout. Frankly I think those rumors are a complete joke and publicity stunt by James, but still, it’s fun to wonder, right?

There is virtually no chance that James would actually play football and risk an injury that could threaten his basketball career. But, at 6’8″, 260-plus pounds, LeBron would make one hell of a receiving target. Plus, James was named first-team all-state has a wideout during his sophomore year in high school, and led St. Vincent St. Mary’s to the state semifinals in Ohio as a junior.

While it will never actually happen, it was pretty funny of Carroll to actually take the step to make and send a picture of a jersey to James. Could that be considered tampering?

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