McD’s Week Six College Football Picks

October 7, 2011 – 1:00 pm by McD

Still the only weekly picks by an Indiana alumnus who likes college football more than college basketball…

Week Five Record: 8-6 W/L, 7-7 AS

2011 Season Record: 47-19 W/L, 33-30-3 AS

What I’m watching:

12 pm – OU at Texas: What kind of idiot from Oklahoma agreed to play this game in Texas every year at the Texas State Fair? I’m not sure if they moved this game to Jerryworld or not, and that’s beside the point anyway. Wouldn’t OU want to face their biggest rival in Norman or OKC once in a while?

2:30 pm – Illinois at Indiana: Rivalry game! Every Indiana fan knows we’re supposed to hate Illinois way more than Purdue or Notre Dame.

7 pm – Michigan at Northwestern: at least until it gets stupid. But this one has shootout written all over it.

12 pm ET

 Maryland (2-2) at (13) Georgia Tech (5-0) (-14.5)

Maryland is sneaky-disappointing, but only if you were enough of a sucker to think they’d be any good this year. Watch Tech control the ball and take advantage of every Terrapin mistake.

Pick: Georgia Tech wins but doesn’t cover

(3) Oklahoma (4-0) at (11) Texas (4-0) (+9.5)

This spread opened a full point higher than the 9.5 it’s currently at. Looks like some people started taking Texas…which is completely insane.

Pick: Oklahoma wins and covers

12:30 pm ET

(23) Florida State (2-2) at Wake Forest (3-1) (+13)

I didn’t take the time to look and see if EJ Manual is playing, and I don’t really care either. FSU’s defense wins this for them.

Pick: Florida State wins and covers

2:30 pm ET

(19) Illinois (5-0) at Indiana (1-4) (+17)

Normally, I’d be full of malice toward Illinois, but this year I just want them to take it easy on IU.

Pick: Illinois wins but doesn’t cover

3:30 pm ET

Air Force (3-1) at Notre Dame (3-2) (-17)

I haven’t seen anything from Notre Dame’s defense that says they can get off the field against Air Force. I think this one’s closer just because the Falcons will be able to hold the ball.

Pick: Notre Dame wins but doesn’t cover

(17) Florida (4-1) at (1) LSU (5-0) (-12)

I have no idea how the spread got closer once it was announced John Brantley is out for UF. LSU rolls.

Pick: LSU wins and covers

Iowa (3-1) at Penn State (4-1) (-1.5)

This is a truly bad Penn State team, so it’s a testament to what a bad year it is for Iowa that they’re still getting points.

Pick: Penn State wins and covers

(22) Arizona State (4-1) at Utah (2-2) (+3)

Welcome to the Pac-12. Even the mediocre teams can drop you on your home field.

Pick: ASU wins and covers

Missouri (2-2) at (22) Kansas State (4-0) (+3)

Might as well ride the streak with KSU as long as possible.

Pick: Kansas State

7 pm ET

(15) Auburn (4-1) at (10) Arkansas (4-1) (-10)

A double-digit spread in a game that’s basically guaranteed to be a shoot out? Why thank you!

Pick: Arkansas wins but doesn’t cover

(12) Michigan (5-0) at Northwestern (2-2) (+8)

I like me some Dan Persa, but not against Michigan’s buzzsaw this year.

Pick: Michigan wins and covers

Iowa State (3-1) at (25) Baylor (3-1) (-16.5)

Yeah, that’s about right.

Pick: Baylor wins and covers

8 pm ET

Ohio State (3-2) at (14) Nebraska (4-1) (-10)

Read my preview here.

Pick: Nebraska wins but doesn’t cover

10:30 pm ET

TCU (3-2) at San Diego State (3-1) (+5)

Sentimental pick.

Pick: SDSU

Washington State (3-1) at UCLA (2-3) (-3.5)

Only 3.5, huh? Sorry, Booter.

Pick: UCLA wins and covers

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