McD’s Week Seven College Football Picks

October 14, 2011 – 1:45 pm by McD

What I’m watching Saturday:

12 pm: Baylor/Texas A&M – I know I’m supposed to be a Big Ten honk, being an Indiana grad and all, but after I watch the first quarter of the IU/Wisky game and the Hoosiers somehow give up 42 unanswered points again, I’m done with the B1G for a while. On the bright side, there’s a halfway decent chance you’ll see an Indiana player at the Heisman ceremony…in Russell Wilson’s highlights.

3:30 pm: Oklahoma State/Texas with a side of Ohio State/Illinois – I’m legitimately intrigued by the Cowboys and they’re going to have to prove it on the road in Austin because they should definitely win. And you know how that usually goes for OSU. If Braxton Miller plays for Ohio State, I’m seriously leaning toward an Ohio State upset, but I know enough drunken Illinois fans to know that the crowd will be very lathered up for a possible win over the Buckeyes.

7 pm: Kansas State/Texas Tech – because you know this one will end close. If not, then I just might take the night off and, you know, pay attention to the wife and kid.

Week Six Record: 14-2 W/L, 10-6 AS

2011 Season Record: 61-21 W/L, 43-36-3 AS

12 pm ET

Indiana (1-5) at (4) Wisconsin (5-0) (-41)

Just not in the face, Wisconsin! Anywhere but the face! I’m sure there’s a bukkake joke in there somewhere.

Pick: Wisconsin wins and covers

(11) Michigan (6-0) at (23) Michigan State (4-1) (-2)

Michigan State will do what they can to grind this game to a halt, but I’m not thinking they can stop Denard Robinson enough for the win.

Pick: Michigan

Purdue (3-2) at Penn State (5-1) (-12)

My selective memory doesn’t remember what the Indiana/Penn State spread was, but I’m sure Purdue is embarrassed by this. Penn State is awful. They only beat Indiana 16-10 and they were giving 16 points! Oh, damn, I guess I do remember the spread. God, IU is terrible.

Pick: Penn State wins but doesn’t cover

(20) Baylor (4-1) at (21) Texas A&M (3-2) (-8.5)

Wait, what makes the Aggies so much better than Baylor again? No one has articulated that yet. At least not when I was paying attention.

Pick: Baylor

(15) South Carolina (5-1) at Mississippi State (3-3) (+3)

I think Sakerlina has figured it out now that they’ve had chemo for the Garcia Cancer.

Pick: South Carolina wins and covers

3:30 pm ET

(6) Oklahoma State (5-0) at (22) Texas (4-1) (+8)

I’m even more convinced Texas will make this a game, at least for a while. Plus, OSU has a history of choking in games like this. But then there’s the Justin Blackmon Offensive Corrollary: it doesn’t matter what you run because Justin Blackmon is open.

Pick: OSU wins and covers

Ohio State (3-3) at (16) Illinois (6-0) (-3.5)

This is something of an upset pick, I guess.

Pick: Ohio State

(1) LSU (6-0) at Tennessee (3-2) (+18)

This was a guaranteed non-cover, but then Tyler Bray got hurt, and that’ll pretty much do it for Tennessee.

Pick: LSU wins and covers

6:30 pm ET

(19) Virginia Tech (5-1) at Wake Forest (4-1) (+7)

Nice win against Florida State, but that’s not going to save them this time.

Pick: Virginia Tech wins and covers

7 pm ET

Florida (4-2) at (24) Auburn (4-2) (+2)

Really with this spread? What part of Florida’s offensive unit inspires confidence with Brantley out?

Pick: Auburn

(8) Clemson (6-0) at Maryland (2-3) (+9)

Maryland probably makes this close for a little while, but Clemson seems like a team of destiny. Also, destiny gets a little help when the opposition turns the ball over constantly.

Pick: Clemson wins and covers

(17) Kansas State (5-0) at Texas Tech (4-1) (-3.5)

Yet one more time Kansas State is getting points against a mediocre team. Yoink!

Pick: Kansas State

10:15 pm ET

(18) Arizona State (5-1) at (9) Oregon (4-1) (-14.5)

This will be a very entertaining shootout. That or I’m going to be pissed Sunday morning when I wake up and watch it.

Pick: Oregon wins but doesn’t cover

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