McD’s Week Four College Football Picks

September 23, 2011 – 1:30 pm by McD


What I’m watching on Saturday:

12 pm – San Diego State at Michigan: We’ll see if SDSU can handle Denard Robinson or not. If French literature has taught me anything, it’s that revenge is a great motivating factor. Then again, a lot of the SDSU players probably have positive memories of their former coach, so maybe they don’t come to kick his new team’s ass.

3:30 pm – Oklahoma State at Texas A&M: tough call between this and Arkansas/Alabama, but I feel like the Aggies have a better shot at actually competing. My finger will be on the “last” button on my remote though.

7 pm – Indiana at North Texas: Seriously, why do I do this to myself? If my wife calls Intervention on me, I’m running out of that mofo.

Record for week 3: 8-4 W/L,  7-5 ATS

2011 record: 28-9 W/L, 21-13-2 ATS

12 pm ET

North Carolina (3-0) at (25) Georgia Tech (3-0) (-7)

It’s probably not good gambling strategy, but I always go with Paul Johnson just because of that offense. It’s perfect.

Pick: Georgia Tech wins but doesn’t cover

San Diego State (3-0) at (22) Michigan (3-0) (-11)

Read my preview here.

Pick: Michigan wins but doesn’t cover

Notre Dame (1-2) at Pittsburgh (2-1) (+7)

I can’t name a player on Pitt, which probably isn’t good for them because I couldn’t name one on Michigan State either, and Notre Dame kicked their ass too.

Pick: Notre Dame wins and covers

3:30 pm ET

(11) Florida State (2-1) at (21) Clemson (3-0) (-2)

Read my six reasons not to gamble on this game here.

Pick: Yeah right

(7) Oklahoma State (3-0) at (8) Texas A&M (2-0) (-4)

I’m legitimately surprised at this line. I know the Aggies have a good defense, but enough to contain OSU? I don’t know about that.

Pick: Oklahoma State

California (3-0) at Washington (2-1) (-1.5)

Isn’t Cal supposed to be good this year? Time to prove it.

Pick: Cal

(14) Arkansas (3-0) at (3) Alabama (3-0) (-12)

Petrino Ball is in trouble against one of the better Nick Saban defenses.

Pick: Alabama wins and covers

Kansas State (2-0) at Miami (FL) (1-1) (-13)

I guess Miami with Jacory Harris can play football after all. Go freaking figure.

Pick: Miami wins and covers

7 pm ET

Indiana (1-2) at North Texas (0-3) (+7)

Wait, Indiana is giving seven point on the road. MY Indiana? This has to be the most unexpectedly awesome/insulting line ever, depending on your perspective.

Pick: Indiana wins and covers

(15) Florida (3-0) at Kentucky (2-1) (+20)

Kentucky can’t score. There’s really nothing else to say.

Pick: Florida wins and covers.

Vanderbilt (3-0) at (12) South Carolina (3-0) (-16)

Feels like another close one for Spurrier’s USC squad.

Pick: South Carolina wins and doesn’t cover

8 pm ET

Tulsa (1-2) at (4) Boise State (2-0) (-31.5)

Tulsa is pretty good even though they lost a shootout to Oklahoma State at 3 a.m. This is actually a bigger task for Boise than it looks like.

Pick: Boise State wins and covers

Missouri (2-1) at (1) Oklahoma (2-0) (-22)

Number one Oklahoma is going to remind Missouri what would happen to them if they played in the SEC every week. This will be a statement game.

Pick: Oklahoma wins and covers

(2) Louisiana State (3-0) at (16) West Virginia (3-0) (+6.5)

This line is too small. I don’t think West Virginia can score on LSU at all, and there’s no reason LSU couldn’t win this game 7-0.

Pick: LSU wins and covers

10:15 pm ET

(23) Southern California (3-0) at Arizona State (2-1) (-2.5)

Absolutely ludicrous line. ASU might be one of the more overrated teams in all of college football this year.

Pick: USC

(10) Oregon (2-1) at Arizona (1-2) (+16)

I think Arizona gives Oregon a game, but can’t keep up for four quarters. This will be what they call a “close cover.”

Pick: Oregon wins and covers

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