McD’s Week Five College Football Picks

September 30, 2011 – 1:09 pm by McD

Still the only weekly picks section by a real, live Indiana alumnus/fan who prefers college football to college basketball…

What I’m watching this Saturday:

12 pm – Penn State at Indiana until it’s a blowout in the second quarter, then probably Aggies/Razorbacks with a side of Air Force/Navy

3:30 pm – Baylor/Kansas State for the clash of styles and Robert Griffin

6 pm – Clemson/Virginia Tech even though the Hokies have a penchant for making games like this that seem good turn into crapfests.

8 pm – Both of the biggies like everyone else.

Week three record: 12-4 W/L, 5-10-1 AS (yikes)

2011 season record: 39-13 W/L, 26 – 23-3 AS

12 pm ET

Penn State (3-1) at Indiana (1-3) (+16)

I know Penn State sucks at offense this year, but their problems are nothing compared to IU’s defense. That unit is so bad, the guys who had little talent to begin with have started half-assing. Apparently, it takes more than just fired up coaches to get through to these schmucks.

Pick: Penn State wins and covers

(14) Texas A&M (2-1) at (18) Arkansas (3-1) (+3)

Possibly the game where the Aggies reconsider that whole SEC thing they’re doing. Also, I don’t trust their offense.

Pick: Arkansas

Minnesota (1-3) at (19) Michigan (4-0) (-20)

This is a rivalry game and it strikes me as odd that Michigan is such a huge favorite even though of course they are. Minnesota sucks. They’re not Indiana-bad, mind you, but they’re still very, very far from the top of the conference. Maybe Denard Robinson Inc. gets an easy blowout? Meh.

Pick: Michigan wins but doesn’t cover

Northwestern (2-1) at (24) Illinois (4-0) (-8)

Oh, but Dan Persa is allegedly starting for Northwestern in this game. And if you can successfully name an Illinois defender, you’re probably his parents.

Pick: Illinois wins but doesn’t cover

Air Force (2-1) at Navy (2-1) (-3)

I’m always picking Commander In Chief’s Trophy games. Always. Not because I’m some weird military freak, though. I just love me some option football.

Pick: Navy wins and covers

2:30 pm ET

Nevada (2-1) at (4) Boise State (3-0) (-27.5)

The biggest revenge game of the year thus far. Nevada is way down now that Colin Kaepernick is gone and Boise is a national title contender again. This will get ugly in front of the partisans in Boise.

Pick: Boise wins and covers

3:30 pm ET

Auburn (3-1) at (10) South Carolina (4-0) (-9.5)

Really? Auburn loses a shootout at Clemson and suddenly they’re getting nine and a half from the same Gamecock team that can barely score?

Pick: USC wins but doesn’t cover

Michigan State (3-1) at Ohio State (3-1) (-3)

I’m never picking MSU again after that Notre Dame debacle.

Pick: Ohio State wins and covers

(15) Baylor (3-0) at Kansas State (3-0) (+4)

Last week’s Miami win was a fluke for KSU. Baylor’s athletes are going to go crazy in Manhattan, KS Saturday. Still can’t believe this is a conference game. Break up the Big XII already.

Pick: Baylor wins and covers

Southern Methodist (3-1) at (20) Texas Christian (3-1) (-11.5)

There’s something about SMU this year that might cause problems for TCU. What is it? Hmmmmmm. Oh yeah, TCU’s secondary sucks and SMU throws the ball all day. Yikes. Shoot out written all over this game.

Pick: TCU wins but doesn’t cover

6 pm ET

(13) Clemson (4-0) at (11) Virginia Tech (4-0) (-7)

After two consecutive upsets of good teams, Clemson gets seven at Virginia Tech? The Hokies aren’t nearly that good, even at home.

Pick: Clemson

8 pm ET

(3) Alabama (4-0) at (12) Florida (4-0) (+4)

Florida is going to get exposed. Which is okay because they’re not supposed to win the national title in year one for Coach Boom anyway.

Pick: Alabama wins and covers

(8) Nebraska (4-0) at (7) Wisconsin (4-0) (-9)

Madison is a tough place to play, but that’s an awful lot of respect to the home field advantage considering Wisky’s D isn’t nearly as good as usual and Nebraska can move the ball. The big worry for the Huskers is some one lighting T-Magic up, but it hasn’t happened yet so….

Pick: Nebraska

10:30 pm ET

UCLA (2-2) at (6) Stanford (3-0) (-21)

Stanford is trying really hard to be the Conan O’Brien (not that notable anymore but cool enough for the hipsters and contrarians to get on the bandwagon still) of the top ten with all these late night games. I’m thinking a surprisingly defensive first half followed by a quick decapitation after halftime. Booter is one of my oldest and best friends, so I’m kind of hoping he misses this one because it might not be pretty and he f-ing hates Stanford.

Pick: Stanford wins and covers


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  1. 3 Responses to “McD’s Week Five College Football Picks”

  2. “a real, live Indiana alumnus”

    You can say whatever you want about Notre Dame whenever from now on.

    Alum is a fucking aluminum salt, stupid people of the internet (and wider world as a whole). An alumnus (or alumna) is someone who attended a school. Asshats.

    By MJenks on Sep 30, 2011

  3. Why thank you, MJenks.

    By McD on Sep 30, 2011

  4. +1 MJ, always a pet peeve of mine.

    By Ryan Phillips on Sep 30, 2011

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