Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz: Live Blog

September 17, 2011 – 4:00 pm by Ryan Phillips
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  1. 26 Responses to “Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz: Live Blog”

  2. it so good

    By Anonymous on Sep 17, 2011

  3. I cant wait for Victor to bust that big mouth piece of trash up and knock him out. I wonder what his excuse will be. I looked theN word up in the dictionary the other day and there it was, Floyd Mayweather in bold print!!!

    By MrMikey on Sep 17, 2011

  4. Gayweather will win. But still he’s a loser for not facing pacman.

    By Anjo mendoza on Sep 17, 2011

  5. i look up fool guess what bold print mrmikey

    By tracy ferguson on Sep 17, 2011

  6. money on mayweather why should he fight someone who won’t take a drug test but now wants to be a politician (lol dicktator)

    By Macca on Sep 17, 2011

  7. Drug test? That’s gay weathers excuse! He will surely lose to pacman! That’s why he’s not doing the fight! Can’t u see. R u blind or just plain fool!

    By Anjo mendoza on Sep 17, 2011

  8. I guess you looked up the N- Word to find your True Identity. I guess the old saying is true, Ignorance is Bliss.

    By BigDog45 on Sep 17, 2011

  9. Packman must be hiding something why would any person in sports refuse to take a drug test otherwise. I hate to say it but the man is on something. Too obvious

    By Anonymous on Sep 17, 2011

  10. Mayweather gets hit hard one time he will run the rest of the fight and win by decision

    By lumanator on Sep 17, 2011

  11. alot of haters

    By j-dub on Sep 17, 2011

  12. Mayweather obviously has alot of mouth but he can back it up. They said mosley was going to knock him out. Everyone gets punched,boxer,look it up!! May the best man win. Mayweather

    By jdub on Sep 17, 2011

  13. Say what you want. Mayweather has had 41 fights and no losses. REGARDLESS of how he conducts himself out of the ring, he is a great fighter and even if he loses to Ortiz,(highly doubtful)you can not take anything away from him. Everyone says “he sucks cause he wont fight pac, give me a break, he still wants a pay day just like manny. What will it take to give Floyd the respect he deserves? When will the fans finally give him his props? What does he still have to prove that he hasn’t after 41 fights?

    By usfederal on Sep 17, 2011

  14. Pacman is hiding something, yeah fool! He’s hiding some of his money because of taxes. Lol! R u saying that mayweather is too good to lose to pacquiao! I say nah! Mayweather is pure talk! No substance my friend! He will never lose not because he’s great, but because he’s gonna run, run, run. He will never fight pacquiao. Anytime, anywhere!

    By Anjo mendoza on Sep 17, 2011

  15. Can’t white racist just take one day off? This is just a fight…..May the best man will PERIOD!

    By Tyrone on Sep 17, 2011

  16. nice headbunt….got paidback for it

    By brett on Sep 17, 2011

  17. This is a capitalistic society. All about ME! Companies hug you first, then throw you out in the cold…

    Life has never been fair. Protect yourself at all times!!!!

    By Concluder on Sep 18, 2011

  18. Mr money making once again has shown how much of a B#%#% he is his dirty fighter he knew he couldnt handle Ortiz all along he was nervous some how he had to show his b}%#% siderúrgica looser!!!!!!!!

    By Humerous on Sep 18, 2011

  19. Everybody talking shit about Floyd, but he is 43-0. Everybody they put in front of him gets beat the fuck up.

    By Watkins on Sep 18, 2011

  20. 42-0

    By Watkins on Sep 18, 2011

  21. MrMikey I dont hear you saying nothing now. Look in that Dictionary again in find your name under “Idiot” Mayweather is the truth!

    By BigDog45 on Sep 18, 2011

  22. typical, put some pressure on him and watch him act like a baby.. he is the champ and has ten yrs experience on this kid, what a jail house move . but did we expect anything else from him.

    By G on Sep 18, 2011

  23. number one rule in boxing is protect yourself at all times. Who is an idiot for not protecting himself? did we watch the same fight cuz money may was landing all night while ortiz trying too. that is what we call boxing peeps or have you forgotten the truth about boxing. and for dodging pacman, it will happen soon enough, just go pee in a cup for us and prove yourself outside the ring!!!

    By shake on Sep 18, 2011

  24. p.s G- jailhouse move was the headbutt, the fight was put back in motion, ortiz’s fault he didn’t follow the number ONE rule in boxing.

    By shake on Sep 18, 2011

  25. What a p*ssy, saw the video on collegepoison.com. Hes such a cheap chicken sh*t!

    By Peter on Sep 18, 2011

  26. ortiz tried to headbutt several times and was only deducted,once and besides he was already three rounds behind on the cards ,money did him a favor by knocking his dirty ass out ,saved him alot of punishment

    By kevwoo on Sep 29, 2011

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