USA vs. Mexico: Live Blog

August 10, 2011 – 10:16 am by Ryan Phillips
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  1. 13 Responses to “USA vs. Mexico: Live Blog”

  2. 11 fouls for mexico

    By jt on Aug 10, 2011

  3. This is going to take some time to find better players

    By Tim from Pitts, Ca. on Aug 10, 2011

  4. where can i find live shots on goal/corners/fouls stats during this match?

    By tom on Aug 10, 2011

  5. God I hate the Mexican team… and their fans.

    By sdgman on Aug 10, 2011

  6. USA played bad, Mexico played lazy…

    By Anonymous on Aug 10, 2011

  7. I also hate the USA team and their 100 fans…

    By Anonymous on Aug 10, 2011

  8. The problem is Tim Howard. He is too old, and not as willing to throw his body around anymore. The whole of his beef with Mexico after the Copa was to throw shade on his shoddy defending. German efficiency will be his replacement.

    By manus on Aug 10, 2011

  9. I’m not sure what others saw, but what I saw I like. The second half in particular, the US did a lot more pressing, trying to take the ball back in the offensive zone which they NEVER did under Bubblebrain Bob. They finished the game strong instead of in a bunker, like they did too many times under Bubblebrain Bob. And I LOVE the move back to tradition — wearing Nos. 1-11 with no names on the backs of the shirts. It will only get better from here. Exceptional!!

    By james on Aug 10, 2011

  10. The take away for me for tonight was Klinsmann’s positive / confidence. He talked about fun and he gave some young talents a chance to shine. Klinsmann knows the game and performed at the highest levels for some time. This US team knows that, respects it and if all are given the chance they deserve, with some time he’ll find the right combinations. Donovan and Torres together could be very good. Agudelo, Shea and Rogers all had bright moments …

    By Blair on Aug 10, 2011

  11. we still need a world class striker

    By Anonymous on Aug 10, 2011

  12. We have two guys (Agudelo and Altidore) who, with a little tutelage and playing time, can be world-class strikers. And considering our coach is one of the great strikers of all time, I’d say there’s a chance he’ll develop one.

    By james on Aug 10, 2011

  13. I understand what you’re saying but put Donovan in the right attacking role with some freedom and match him with more of a true match-up striker … which is not established yet … but there are definitely some players that could develop into that role and the US could present a tough match-up … I like the potential of Torres with Donovan for instance … and there are a stable of horses such as Adu and Agudelo who with strong coaching could come along … let’s see though … the next 6-8 months will start to tell a story for next summer … we also need to shore up the defense for sure …

    By Blair on Aug 10, 2011

  14. Good point on Altidore .. he’s a potential diamond in the rough … strong guy with speed … needs great coaching and some work on his motor … but you’re right … with Klinsmann working with the stable of horses we have there … you have to like the chances of him developing at least 1 of them to a world level of play.

    By Blair on Aug 10, 2011

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