Will More Cowbell Save Islanders?

July 21, 2011 – 2:47 am by Hickey

On Wednesday, the New York Islanders made a major breakthrough in securing the team’s future in Long Island.

They booked Blue Oyster Cult.

In an obvious effort to encourage Isles fans not to fear the reaper, the band of Long Island natives will play a free show on July 27 outside of Nassau Coliseum in an effort to encourage voters to approve the construction of a new arena to replace the decaying Coliseum, which is universally regarded as the worst arena in the NHL.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Do the Islanders really think they can save themselves with a performance by a band that hasn’t been relevant since the last time the team was relevant? BOC was playing Vernon Hills Days last week!”

But personally I think Islanders owner Charles “Don’t tell them you’re Jewish” Wang is onto something. A little over a month ago, the people scoffed when the Pittsburgh Pirates offered a post-game concert by Huey Lewis and the News as a selling point to get people to a game against the Mets. The game sold out, and the Bucs have been on fire ever since.

If the Islanders — who are high in the running for top sports franchise you forgot even existed —  can find the same magic from Blue Oyster Cult, look for other faltering franchises to tap into the ’70s and ’80s music vault for their salvation.

Winger+Bills= Super Bowl.

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