Vincent Jackson To Sign And Report To Chargers On Time

July 26, 2011 – 7:59 pm by Ryan Phillips

Here’s a shocker for all you football fans out there: Vincent Jackson will sign his franchise tender with the San Diego Chargers and report to camp on time. Wow, now that is surprising news.

The seemingly perpetually ill-tempered wide receiver has spent the better part of the past year complaining about not being able to become a free agent or get a long term deal. Then he almost held up the ratification of the newly minted NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement because he wanted to be compensated to the tune of $10 million before signing off on it. After a ridiculous level of backlash, he relented and things advanced smoothly.

By signing his tender, Jackson stands to make $11.3 million this year. Had he held out like he did for almost all of last year, it’s a pretty safe bet he would have burned any bridges he had left in the league.

When he’s actually on the field (and not holding out or getting DUIs) Jackson is certainly a difference maker. He has been a huge part of San Diego’s success since 2008. He has always had great chemistry with quarterback Philip Rivers and we’re sure Rivers is happy to hear that Jackson will be in uniform this fall.

With a great season there is no reason to believe the Chargers wouldn’t try to work out a long-term deal with Jackson. He just has to keep his head down, his nose clean and perform on the field.

As a Chargers fan I can honestly say that if Jackson returns to his dominant self this year, all will be forgiven and I’ll be begging the team to ink him to a long, lucrative contract.

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