Michael Crabtree Digging A Hole With San Francisco 49ers

May 31, 2011 – 7:12 am by Ryan Phillips

Michael Crabtree and the San Francisco 49ers haven’t exactly been an ideal match from the start. After being taken with the No. 10 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, Crabtree proceeded to hold out until October 7 of his rookie year. That was the longest rookie hold out in team history.

But, over the first year and a half of his NFL career, Crabtree has produced, racking up 1,366 yards and eight touchdowns on 103 catches in just 27 games. So, hey, not bad right? Great building block for the 49ers and new head coach Jim Harbaugh. Or maybe not.

Crabtree has yet to participate in any of the 49ers’ player-organized workouts during the lockout, while almost all of the team’s prominent players have attended. No only that, but word has leaked out that Crabtree is sort of a loner and isn’t a team player.

Now a tweet from Sporting News’ Dave Razzano makes things even worse, “Not surprised Crabtree no-show for 49er (practices). HUGE mistake to take high on 49ers part. Harbaugh will grow tired of him soon. Not that good.”

Ouch. Considering Razzano is an ex-NFL scout, we tend to believe his assessment.

If a guy is going to ditch offseason workouts and continue to be a headache for his team, he better be Randy Moss-in-his-prime good. Crabtree is not.

Frankly, the 49ers need to lay down the law with Crabtree at some point or the kid is never going to get it. Yes, he was an incredible receiver in college and had that man against boys thing going on while at Texas Tech. But he’s not that guy in the NFL. He has a chance to be a special player, or at least very good. Problem is, there is a way to go about becoming that guy, and Crabtree has basically done the opposite in every instance.

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  1. One Response to “Michael Crabtree Digging A Hole With San Francisco 49ers”

  2. Based on Crabtree’s performance and statements, I am of the opinion he realizes his mental and physical abilities have been equalized or eclipsed by players who are faster, stronger and smarter on defense. As an immature personality will, Crabtree makes excuses and deflects personal responsibility.

    Rather than realizing the NFL is truly a game of inches, fractions of seconds, and mental toughness, Crabtree withdraws- I believe he is overwhelmed. When Crabtree tells us he works out “hard” I don’t see it in his soft appearance, sloppy field performance and inferior practice effort. I question Crabtree’s desire and mental toughness. Before Crabtree becomes a competent NFL player he needs to look inward and do some personal work. Crabtree’s team mates see this and Vernon Davis was right to callout Crabtree on his lack of desire. This is a team sport and there is no team in the NFL good enough to win with ten guys on the field.

    If I was in a foxhole and I had an opportunity to select the guy next to me I pick Alex Smith over Crabtree every time.

    By Homedelivery on Jun 9, 2011

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