Joe Lunardi Stars In “Jumping The Gun”

May 12, 2011 – 1:02 am by Hickey

One of my favorite parts of Gregg Easterbrook’s weekly “Tuesday Morning Quarterback” column/novel on is hisĀ  recognition of Christmas Creep. Though that title may suggest an expose of pedophiles dressed as Santa Claus, it’s actually his latest example of someone putting up Christmas displays in their store around the Fourth of July, or releasing Easter candy on Boxing Day. You get the idea.

Easterbrook’s colleague Joe Lunardi may have come out with the greatest example of Christmas Creep ever seen on Wednesday when he released his Bracketology for the 2011-12 season before teams have even released their schedules. Or even signed all of their players. Call it Madness Creep.

Yes, that’s right, Joey Brackets has developed the foresight to know exactly how the tournament is going to break down when Selection Sunday comes a full 10 months from now. I am especially impressed with Texas A&M’s ability to sneak into the field as an 11-seed despite the fact THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE A MOTHERF*CKING COACH. I guess those Aggies are pretty well regimented, so perhaps they would have the ability to run the show themselves.

I do question some of his research, though. Texas-San Antonio getting in out of the Southland? C’mon, man, everybody knows the Roadrunners lost their senior point guard/leading scorer to graduation. Talk about a stretch.

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  1. One Response to “Joe Lunardi Stars In “Jumping The Gun””

  2. Joe’s getting around to it a little late. Back when I still read regularly (before they truly went over the top Flashbombing the hell out of my computer), I remember once Lunardi came out with a bracket the day after the tournament.

    I’ve also been a fan of his “accuracy” ratings, in that he predicts a team out of the Southland Conference to make it in. He doesn’t actually PICK a team, just goes with the current leader in the conference standings, but, hey HE GOT IT RIGHT THERE TOTALLY IS A TEAM FROM THE SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE IN THE TOURNAMENT THIS MAN IS NOSTRADAMUS!!!!1

    By MJenks on May 12, 2011

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