Fan Sues The NFL, Misses The Point

March 26, 2011 – 10:54 am by McD

Ken Lanci, a millionaire businessman from Ohio, has sued the NFL for breaching its contract with him by locking out the players and preventing him from purchasing season tickets through his Personal Seat License.

“It’s a fight between billionaires and millionaires. There isn’t any sympathy for multi-millionaires. It’s just not going to happen. And somebody has to stand up and say, ‘Enough’s enough.'”

So I guess he’s trying to end the lockout through a lawsuit. After all, two groups that can’t figure out how to divide up $9 billion aren’t going to get much sympathy from anyone. Plus, America is more addicted to NFL football than Charlie Sheen is to Charlie Sheen and winning combined. The mind can’t comprehend a fall without pro football, so the fans are looking for any way they can to prevent even the slightest delay of their fix.

I haven’t read Lanci’s lawsuit or anything, but I’m assuming it doesn’t mention anything about how that personal seat license he’s using as the basis of his lawsuit is one of the more nefarious examples of the owners’ greed. You know, the CAUSE of this lockout?

Some of that $9 billion comes directly from PSLs, which, as I understand it, are a license to buy season tickets for seats in the team’s stadium. Not that fans didn’t have that right already, but this way the fans get to pay more AND keep the same seats from year to year. Explain to me how this is different from drugs again, please. The owners look like dealers jacking up their prices at will because they know people will buy anyway.

Fans should be suing the NFL for doing everything they can to crap on the players and fans. While many of the players are millionaires, at least those salaries were determined by something along the lines of a free market. The owners are just doing whatever they can to drive up profits, and if that includes cutting salaries while adding more games, then why the hell not? Money is the name of this game anyway.

Better yet, fans should stop buying things like PSLs and all the rest of the overpriced crap the NFL sells. Being at the games isn’t that great anyway, and for half the season it’s cold for a hell of a lot of those games.

We all have a problem, people. We’re addicts, and we need an intervention. Frankly, I’m worried that this lockout and lawsuit isn’t even rock bottom. Some one call A&E.

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