Florida’s Offense Just Got Fatter

December 31, 2010 – 8:00 pm by McD

Charlie Weis is coming back to college. Again.

Not for a head coaching job, though. Tons and tons of people are saying he’s going to take the OC job at the University of Florida. Once can assume Weis will be given full control of the Gator offense since Muschamp is a defensive guy and seemed a little afraid of being in charge of an offense when he was hired. At least he knows his weaknesses.

Weis is currently the OC for the Kansas City Chiefs, who have had something of a miraculous turnaround and are headed to the playoffs with the AFC West title in hand. He’s also universally credited with fixing whatever Matt Cassel’s problem was and turning the Chiefs, ironically if you’re a Notre Dame fan, into something of a juggernaut on the ground.

Obviously, Florida fan should be over the moon with this hire. Weis is about as experienced a coordinator as you’ll ever find, and say what you want about his time at Notre Dame, his offense was pretty much always prolific. And at least Jimmy Clausen and Brady Quinn made the NFL, even if they’re not what you’d call “successful” there at the moment.

We’ll see if this rumor is true and if Muschamp can handle ceding that much control of his team to another guy who probably thinks he’s a better head coach than his boss. The minute the run game goes to hell or if John Brantley keeps being John Brantley, Muschamp might get a little twitchy and start messing with the offense. That could lead to a situation similar to UCLA’s with Norm Chow and Rick Neuheisel in which the offensive genius has some one tinkering with his offense and possibly forcing a whole other scheme on him.

Also, there’s no guarantee Weis stays at Florida for the long haul. He’s got enough of an ego to think he could get another college head coaching job, and it’s pretty clear no NFL team is going to hire him as a head coach.

One thing is clear: Weis is going to get paid a f*ckload of money to run Florida’s offense, and it’s not like working in Kansas City is that great even though it’s the NFL.

Still, this feels like a hybrid of a lateral move and a step down. The money is nice, but what’s the end goal here for Charlie Weis? Surely it can’t be simply as the OC for Florida.

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