BCS Bowl Preview: Fiesta Bowl

December 31, 2010 – 5:00 pm by McD

Connecticut (8-4) vs. (7) Oklahoma (11-2) (-17)

Nice little gift here for Oklahoma since their history in BCS games isn’t so pretty. But wait, they were favored against West Virginia too! Yeah, that WVU team had Steve Slaton and Pat White. There’s not one offensive skill player on UConn that would start for that West Virginia team. I don’t even have to make the argument against automatic bids into the BCS. This game will do it for me.

Even if UConn is competitive against Oklahoma, and maybe they even upset them, it still means nothing because people already don’t care. Oklahoma already has a bad track record in BCS games, and it’s not as big an upset as Boise over Oklahoma or as big a heavyweight fight as TCU-Wisconsin. There’s nothing interesting about this game whatsoever.

As an Indiana fan, I’m still not interested in this game even though IU hired OU’s offensive coordinator, Kevin Wilson as the new head coach. He’s not calling plays in the Fiesta Bowl, and I’m not sure he wants his name associated with Landry Jones’ mustache anymore anyway.

I give up. This should be Boise State instead of UConn, but somehow every BCS conference gets guaranteed money, so we have to let the Little Sisters of the Poor in. That’s right, Gordon Gee, I said it too.

Pick: Oklahoma

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  1. 9 Responses to “BCS Bowl Preview: Fiesta Bowl”

  2. what about ranked teams being in the bowls? are you kidding me? Hawaii number 24 earned this game more than your stupid connecticut???sp? team really that’s who deserves this game more than anybody or did somebody see some $$$$ by inviting them? is that what we are doing now. invite a team worth being in the game if you want to insult FB that bad then don’t ask me to watch or put any games on tv in the WEST COAST. Clearly its not about the best out there and for ESPN to back that is really LAME. They are just as guilty as the BCS committee. Their checks must have the same name on it.

    By karimbsufan on Jan 1, 2011

  3. I can’t believe how wrong and disgusting this is. I realize BSU didn’t earn this game technically but for goodness sakes give it to somebody other than these guys. Who gives a crap about them they aren’t even on the map they are NOTHING. They showed up for practice and games all season and now since they are in the right conference they get to be in a game that they don’t deserve. My GOD who lets this happen? The people that did this have NO SOLES in their shoes. But I’m sure they wipe with golden toilet paper.

    By karimbsufan on Jan 1, 2011

  4. I would rather write about how sickning this is than watch. I can’t belive that any fan of football would/could support this. It is complete elitism to give this game to these guys. I know they have not been there before, but that’s how far they are reaching now to keep the people that work harder (any non-bcs team) that are not tall enough by about 2 inches or so, out of the games that count so we don’t upset the people that need to feed. They lie to their family with some sickninng amout of crap so they can buy what they are trying to sell us. I don’t know who is doing this but don’t rank any of teams that you won’t let play in the games that they deserve if in your little mind they aren’t ever eligible to be number one. If they are ranked they are better. that is why they are ranked. If they are not good they aren’t ranked. That’s the deal. That’s what YOU made up. You are wrong. Admit it, and let’s all move on. I hate TOSTITOS!!!!!!!!! the chips

    By karimbsufan on Jan 1, 2011

  5. I am so mad. Not because I think BSU deserves this game because UCONN doesn’t and everybody knows this. I way more upset because of my team but my goodness. What is really happening here? We have no respect for the players or their families that live this life all year and earn their ranking with their blood You would rather let these crappy players that can’t even earn a ranking higher than Hawaii, fresh out of the WAC. The conference that sucks so bad nobody can respect it, but they CAN rank more teams from this conference at the end of the season than almost any other conference. Don’t patronize me. I see what is happening, and you are making bad decisions that hurt people. Don’t justify it. ESPN is bullshit. You want real sports news than just watch everything college FB because ESPN will just lie to you all day. If you aren’t eligible then you shouldn’t play and if you’re not ranked you don’t get a bowl game. That’s just the way it should be, not because I said that. Because you made the rules. You made the rankings. So you should DIE by them, or spare me. I don’t need to watch the rankings being announced at 6:15 pm my time every week. You made them matter and not matter. Good for you bad for any self respecting person that is a fan. Thanks.

    By karimbsufan on Jan 1, 2011

  6. Go UCONN! just kidding.

    By karimbsufan on Jan 1, 2011

  7. As a Bsu fan I would rather see OK win than UCONN be in this game, and I can assure you I am not an OK fan, AT ALL.

    By karimbsufan on Jan 1, 2011

  8. I understand their is a system in place for the selection of the teams for these games, but it doesn’t work. Except if you cound the BCS committee’s wallets. Then it does work. Why else could this nonsense happen. If someone isn’t making an absurd amount of money off of doing things this way then why would this happen. If somethings doen’t work you fix it.

    By karimbsufan on Jan 1, 2011

  9. wow karimbsufan. A little too obsessed about this. Maybe you should put the coffee down or go find some help.

    By NCAAFBfan on Jan 3, 2011

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