Week 12 College Football Scores

November 20, 2010 – 8:23 am by McD

8:22 am – Watching the North London derby whilst simultaneously indoctrinating my son into the world of soccer and hoping Booter doesn’t assault any Tottenham fans.

8:25 am – For the sixth year in a row, I’m hoping there’s a spinal surgeon, a female fugitive, a fat lottery winner, two Koreans, an Iraqi torture specialist, and a con artist on Phillips’ flight to Maui. Have fun covering the Maui Invitational AGAIN over Thanksgiving. Jerk.

10 am – Nap time.

12:56 pm – I’m hexing the crap out of them right now, but Indiana’s offense looks like a real offense for once so far.

4:04 pm – It’s now impossible for Indiana and Purdue to make a bowl game this year. So now it’s the Old, Oaken Who Gives A Shit Game.

Record after week 11: 121-53 (88-83-3 ATS)

Friday, November 19, 2010

9:30 pm ET

Fresno State (6-3) at (3) Boise State (9-0) (-30.5)

Pick: Boise State wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Boise State 51 Fresno State 0

Boise should never wear those orange jerseys again, but other than that, they won pretty much everything on the night. It’s never a good sign when you DVR a game, tell everyone you know not to tell you how it comes out, and then some one tells you anyway because they wanted to save me the time. On to the next one…

Record: 122-53 (88-84-3 ATS)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

12 pm ET

Pennsylvania State (6-4) at Indiana (4-6) (+10)

Game in Landover, MD

Pick: Indiana

Final: Penn State 41 Indiana 24

Whatever. IU was in the game for a while, but a few unforced errors later (bad snap leading to blocked punt, interceptions, etc), they were dead in the water. For the season. Might as well not even play the Purdue game because it’s not going to count for anything but pride, and neither squad is going to have any anyway. I should stop talking about this season now.

Record: 122-54 (88-85-3 ATS)

Purdue (4-6) at (11) Michigan State (9-1) (-20)

Pick: Michigan State

Final: MSU 35 Purdue 31

Now THAT would have been a bad loss for Michigan State. Instead, Purdue allowed 22 points in the last 11 minutes, and the fans got a little too much entertainment.

Record: 123-54 (88-86-3 ATS)

(6) Wisconsin (9-1) at Michigan (7-3) (+4)

Pick: Wisconsin. Just couldn’t do it.

Final: Wisconsin 48 Michigan 28

In hindsight, I can’t believe the spread was this close. Michigan fan clearly doesn’t believe in this team any more than the previous Rich Rod incarnations. At least this awful squad is making a bowl game. Fucking Indiana.

Record: 124-54 (89-86-3 ATS)

3:30 pm ET

(7) Stanford (9-1) at Cal (5-5) (+6.5)

Pick: Stanford

Final: Stanford 48 Cal 14

So was that pre-game bouncing match worth it for Cal? Or maybe the Golden Bears were telling Stanford how excited they were to get their asses kicked by such a solid team. Way to stay up for your rivalry game, Cal. Douches.

Record: 125-54 (90-86-3 ATS)

Illinois (5-5) at Northwestern (7-3) (+8)

Game at Wrigley Field

Pick: Illinois wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Illinois 48 Northwestern 27

It WAS funny seeing only one half of the field get all chewed up because every offensive possession was going the same direction. But other than that, this was a good game with a crap fourth quarter.

Record: 126-54 (90-87-3 ATS)

Mississippi (4-6) at (5) Louisiana State (9-1) (-16)

Pick: LSU wins but doesn’t cover

Final: LSU 43 Ole Miss 36

LSU somehow managed to win the game and yet still prove they’re totally unworthy of a shot at the SEC title. The announcers tried pretending that Ole Miss sticking around is just proof that the SEC is a tough conference and that a one-loss SEC champ somehow belongs in the national championship game anyway. No, guys, LSU just sucks. Thirty-six points to Ole Miss is inexcusable on every level. Just admit it and move on.

Record: 127-54 (91-87-3 ATS)

(8) Ohio State (9-1) at (21) Iowa (7-3) (+3)

Pick: Ohio State

Final: OSU 20 Iowa 17

Iowa did it again at the end of the game. This team just sucks at finishing unless they’re up big. They blew the Wisconsin game. They got lucky against Indiana. And now they let Terrelle Pryor and the Ohio State offense march down the field after missing a wide open touchdown pass. Once Pryor ran for that first down on fourth and ten, you knew Iowa was toast. Another season of painful memories for Hawkeye fans.

Record: 128-54 (91-87-4 ATS)

(14) Virginia Tech (8-2) at (24) Miami (FL) (7-3) (+2.5)

Pick: Virginia Tech

Final: VTU 31 Miami 17

Virginia Tech just clinched their berth in the ACC title game. Suck it, Boise State haters. Suck. It.

Record: 129-54 (92-87-4 ATS)

7 pm ET

Army (6-4) at Notre Dame (5-5) (-8)

Game at Yankee Stadium

Pick: Notre Dame wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Notre Dame 27 Army 3

Cool, this was a great rivalry 65 years ago. That’s SUPER interesting.

Record: 130-54 (92-88-4 ATS)

(13) Arkansas (8-2) at (22) Mississippi State (7-3) (+3)

Pick: Arkansas

Final: Arkansas 38 MSU 31

Much better game that I thought it would be. And I DVR’d Nebraska/A&M instead. Oops.

Record: 131-54 (93-88-4 ATS)

8 pm ET

(20) Southern California (7-3) at Oregon State (4-5) (-3)

Pick: USC

Final: OSU 36 USC 7

What the hell was that?

Record: 131-55 (93-89-4 ATS)

(9) Nebraska (9-1) at (18) Texas A&M (7-3) (+2.5)

Pick: Nebraska

Final: TAMU 9 Nebraska 6

The officials handed this pillow fight to Texas A&M. That roughing the passer call at the end against the Huskers was as bad as any Pac-10 officiating call you’re going to see.

Record: 132-55 (94-89-4 ATS)

10 pm ET

(25) Utah (8-2) at San Diego State (7-3) (+2.5)

Pick: SDSU

Final: Utah 38 SDSU 34

Guh. Almost, fellas. Almost. SDSU football is respectable again. Brady Hoke is a genius.

Record after week 12: 132-56 (94-90-4 ATS)

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