Virginia Tech Wins ACC Coastal Division, Sticks It To Boise Haters

November 21, 2010 – 10:31 pm by McD

Virginia Tech has won their division and earned a berth in the ACC Championship game with their 31-17 win over the Miami Hurricanes. The Hokies have won nine straight games and are 7-0 in the ACC this year. This, of course, after they started 0-2 with losses to Boise State and James Madison.

This naturally begs the question: what do you have to say now, Boise haters? And what will you say if Virginia Tech wins the ACC championship?

Including the Nevada game this week (and assuming for a second that they win) Boise State will have played and beaten three currently or formerly ranked teams, the exact same amount as number one-ranked Oregon. Neither team will play another ranked team this year unless it’s in a bowl game, BCS or otherwise.

This officially means it’s impossible to downgrade Boise State because of their schedule.

And no, you can’t say that the non-ranked teams on Boise’s schedule are worse than the ones on Oregon’s schedule. Oregon played Portland State, New Mexico, and Washington State. Are those teams any better than the three worst teams on Boise’s schedule (New Mexico State, San Jose State, Wyoming)? Hell, NMSU beat New Mexico this year.

Both Oregon and Boise State have trounced the competition they have faced, only I doubt Boise would have played close with Cal, but that’s a completely subjective opinion.

It’s also fair to say that Boise would lose a few games if they played in the SEC, the Big Ten, or the Pac-10. It’s impossible to predict how they would do if they faced better competition on a week to week basis.

All anyone who supports Boise State wants is for everyone, Boise, TCU, Utah, BYU, shit, San Jose State, to have the same shot at the national title that everyone else has. At the moment, they don’t.

It makes the current system seem that much more corrupt that the BCS will soon begin the process of evaluating all the conferences in college football to see if, for example, the Mountain West is “good enough” to join the BCS coalition. Even just on its face, that’s an absurd thing to say.

If those conferences are so inferior, there’s no way anyone from the MWC or the Western Athletic Conference or the Sun Belt Conference or Conference USA would really challenge for the title anyway. But right now the main reason they can’t take a serious run at the BCS national title is because of money.

This is, friends, the difference between the America we want to live in and the America we currently live in. We want a place that is fair for everyone and that gives us all a shot at the brass ring. In reality, we don’t live in that world at all. More money is controlled by fewer and fewer people who have absolutely no incentive whatsoever to share. College football is no different.

That’s actually one of the reasons I love college football more than any other sport: it’s both America’s dreams and its reality. It’s a cultural phenomenon that every part of the country can identify with and participate in with its own flavor.

And if there’s no hope of fixing college football’s flawed system, what hope is there for America?

Yeah, I voted Democratic in the last election. Crap.

*Photo courtesy the AP

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