Pat Hill Thinks BCS Teams Are Sissies

November 20, 2010 – 7:49 pm by McD

Ivan Maisel’s post-mortem on the Boise/Fresno game says it all. Well, more like he lets Fresno State head coach Pat Hill say it all. If anyone had any doubt about Boise State’s national championship credentials, just ask the Bulldogs’ coach, whose players were at the no-fun end of a 51-0 Boise State win.

“I think the truth of the matter is, people are scared to play them,” Hill said. “They don’t want to play them. I’ll say it. I have no problem saying it. I’ll take Boise State against anybody in the country.

“What else do they have to do? They’re on the verge of their fourth undefeated season in six years. You gotta be kidding me. Someday we got to wake up and say, ‘We just can’t listen to all the people who’ve got all the money. We’ve got to listen to people that have the best teams.’ They’re a great football team.”

I would never have put a football coach and populist rage in the same thought, but the man has a point, and it isn’t a point the auto-qualifiers want to hear.

Hill’s point is especially salient because his Fresno State program is the Jurassic version of all the non-AQ teams (Boise, TCU, Utah, BYU, Nevada) that have made a lot of noise against BCS foes in recent years. His “anywhere, anytime” mantra for his team was the sole cry of rage against the major conferences for years before those teams got as good as they are now. The guys knows what it is to be inferior to the biggies but refuse to give in.

Lately, Fresno is more of an afterthought in the WAC and in any BCS conversation. The non-AQ football world has passed them by in a lot of ways.

But anyone can see there is more than a little truth to what he’s saying about Boise and the big conference teams. The BCS in general is afraid of Boise State, and probably TCU too. There’s very little in it for them to even play either of those teams.

Worse, there is almost no angle for the end of the season that won’t give the BCS an excuse. If Boise gets left out of the title game because of Oregon and Auburn, they can simply say the two major conference champs went undefeated and that’s just the formula. If Boise plays and loses to one of them, it just proves their point. If Boise BEATS one of those teams, well, Oregon and Auburn aren’t exactly traditional football powers, are they? Just a “crazy” year in college football.

We have to stop this, people. College football needs a playoff. It isn’t competition if teams aren’t on equal footing and don’t all have the same shot at the same title.

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  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha
    Guess Boise State’s not All That! Couldn’t beat Nevada.
    So go back home and shut up now. Oh, and take your stupid fans with you.

    By Shawn on Nov 27, 2010

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