B.J. Penn Lost…Or Did He?

April 12, 2010 – 10:13 pm by McD

Dana White and the UFC had hoped that UFC 112 would spark a major step for the organization in its campaign to grow internationally. The event, held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in an arena called “Ferrarri World” (which I always thought was 50 Cent’s house), had a good card with two title fights and ended up drawing a huge crowd. The time difference didn’t even seem to bother most U.S. fans, even though pretty much everyone knew the results of all the fights by early afternoon on Saturday.

Problem is, the card itself didn’t deliver and the event was a disaster inside the cage.

Anderson Silva, the greatest fighter in the organization and possibly the world, acted like a jackass in his fight with Demian Maia and won a five-round decision. He danced around, made faces, and was so unprofessional that Dana White walked out in the fourth round and threw the championship belt at one of Silva’s handlers. The crowd was even chanting Maia’s name by the end of the fight. Basically, Silva gave the crowd the exact opposite of what it wanted and might have even given over the title of Greatest Fighter Alive to Fedor Emilianenko or even George St. Pierre.

While Silva danced and embarrassed the over-matched Maia, the big story of the night, though, is B.J. Penn’s upset loss to the equally over-matched Frankie Edgar, which some are calling the biggest upset in UFC history. I always thought Matt Serra over George St. Pierre was bigger (Serra lost to Shonie Carter, for God’s sake), but it’s a matter of opinion.

What’s also a matter of opinion is whether B.J. Penn really did lose on Saturday. There have been myriad questions about the UFC’s judging system now that there has been time to digest the fights.

If anything, Penn’s loss seems to be a result of Edgar taking Penn completely out of his strengths and taking him down a couple of times. Basically, B.J. did nothing to win and didn’t get the champion’s benefit of the doubt, so to speak. At least that’s the official line. On the other hand, Edgar didn’t exactly dominate either.

I’m sure UFC 112 was a success for the UFC as a promotion, with plenty of PPV buys and a sell-out in the arena. But in the cage, the two main events were a total disappointment for the organization. It’s marquis fighter would rather dance around like Apollo Creed than fight and it’s longest-reigning champion lost in something of a controversial fashion to a totally outclassed foe.

Going forward, don’t be surprised to see White and the UFC throw its promotional weight behind Brock Lesnar and put Anderson Silva into the background for a time.

In any case, it’s become evident that the biggest problem for the UFC is that it has essentially the same problems as boxing (sketchy scoring system, lack of depth in some weight divisions) and some new ones of its own like champions that could lose at any moment, thus undermining any branding or promotional magic the company could potentially create. So now we get to watch Frankie Edgar versus Gray Maynard instead of the obviously great Penn continuing his reign, and it’s going to be near-impossible for the UFC to promote a Silva fight against anyone less than George St. Pierre or another champion.

The good news is UFC 113 is right around the corner, featuring Kimbo Slice vs. Matt Mitrione (buzz-factor) and Shogun vs. Machida 2 (fantastic).

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  1. 15 Responses to “B.J. Penn Lost…Or Did He?”

  2. Unfortunately for Penn, the judges saw it Edgar’s way. I still say PRIDE has a great idea of yellow carding flossers (stripping the fighter of his purse –pay for fighting– when he stops fighting). No one likes watching showboats, so why do they continue to act up? What he did is very disrespectful to the opponent as well as his fans and backers. Imagine being a sponsor and seeing Silva dancing around the Octagon; running away from his opponent? Can you imagine something like that? Coming from the Belt holder.

    Thank goodness, he was the only one that night who pulled that bologna. Does Rashad Evans remind you of anyone? He’s next on my list. I hate a showboat. Pride takes your money for running, dancing & standing around idle. If that was enforced here in the UFC, Silva would have come out with about enough for a pack of smokes ($4.50 USD). Something needs to be built into future UFC fight contracts. Silva just signed an 8–fight Contract. That should be shredded or Silva needs to be kicked out of the UFC; title or no title. But that will not happen. I could care less if he held the title. If he does what he did on Saturday, I would axe him, and get my lawyer to see if it were possible to fine Silva for flossing.

    Taunting is illegal in Football. His dance performance would not have won him any prize in “Dancing with the Stars” and if he was in professional Track, he would have made zero dollars for his performance (running away from his opponent). So how did he manage to get money from Dana White’s outfit? His excuse for his performance was ridiculous: Silva claimed Maia disrespected him, yet when questioned about it, there was no decent answer. None truthful, anyway. Maia is one of the most politically correct fighters in the sport. He doesn’t disrespect anyone, so I have no idea why Silva chose that as his defense.

    The next fight should have Jim Miller in it. He only lost to two opponents: Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar. He should fight Penn, while Edgar fights Maynard for the title. Hopefully, this will take place on the same card.

    By fingerssfv on Apr 13, 2010

  3. Anderson Silva vs Jon Bones Jones!!!

    By Rustyspoon on Apr 13, 2010

  4. Muhammad Ali was a “showboat” did it take away from his skill? NO.. .did it affect hsi opponent YES

    By ByanyWear on Apr 13, 2010

  5. I was at UFC 112, there is no way in the world that Edgar beat Penn, what happen to having to take the title from the Champ, the main event was a joke, Silva embarrased himself and the UFC. the best fight of the nigh was Hugh’s vs Gracie, what a classic fight

    By Richard O'Connor on Apr 13, 2010

  6. I on the other hand thinks Edgar’s win was a fair call. Penn was put in an unwinnable scenario by Edgar and he was running out of gas. He also landed a lot less strikes. Edgar’s endurance has not drop during the fight.

    From a technical perspective, if the fight was going to go any longer, Penn will crumble out of his own fatigue or getting grind down by multiple small bruises overtime.

    Like a levelled chess game, it may be have became a war of attrition, but I think it is very clear who was going to get attried first. Penn simply have no answer while Edgar can keep picking him apart slowly all day.

    By aRtFuL on Apr 13, 2010

  7. Oh, and the BJ fanboys go on.

    Look, he got beat. It was basically a boxing match, and Edgar is a better boxer. Period, and of freaking story, you fanboy knobs. BJ did not listen to his corner and take it to the ground which is what would have won him the fight. Instead he gambling on timing one solid punch or combo and getting a KO.

    But again, Edgar is the better boxer, and Penn was out of gas by the middle of the fourth.

    BJ got beat, straight up. Edgar tagged him in the first round and you could see it on BJ’s face. Add that Edgar was scoring with kicks all night and took him down, and there’s no way in hell even a judge partial to the champ would call it for him. No way.

    He LOST. No controversy, no question about it BJ was BEATEN and LOST his belt. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

    By g on Apr 13, 2010

  8. The decision was joke, back in the day you always had to knock out he champ to be the champ and edgar was far from that.

    By Anonymous on Apr 13, 2010

  9. I agree with the blog above. One judge had it 50 to 45. How is that possible. I did watch the fight and did not see edger dominate. Yes he had more energy, jab,head movement and some take downs. As said above you have to beat the champ to win. He did not do that, round 1 & 2 BJ, 3 eitherway 4 and 5 edger. Its turning into boxing and I was affraid of that. I will never watch anderson slimea fight O i mean dance again!

    By Stout on Apr 13, 2010

  10. bj penn need to push the fight theirs only one way to stop someone for showboating hit them in the face. I agree that they should card them for not fighting. but i like boxing and rather see that bj penn eager fight then some gsp fuck fest

    By bob on Apr 13, 2010

  11. BJ penn did loose and he deserved to. He talks all kinds of mad crap about everyone but he cant back it up obviously. So get over it he lost. Just like he tried to say GSP cheated in their second fight but in reality Bj got knocked the fuck out. Im tired of everyone giving in to his bullshit.

    By justin on Apr 16, 2010

  12. Damn just straight up lost. He wont ever get the belt back anyway. GSP is to beast. So fucking get over it. Oh yeah and Dana needs the leave Silva alone too, he was just gassed. It happens to everyone. Look at Tito vs Chuck all three of them, those were not fights Tito had A chance but didn’t commit to taking Chuck to the ground. So get the fuck out of everyones business and quit your whining and complaining and get the fuck over it!!!! Its childish bullshit.

    By justin on Apr 16, 2010

  13. I thouht the main events were great. Silva was awesomely entertaining and Edgar demolished Penn. Now lets have them fight each other!

    By beauregarde on Apr 17, 2010

  14. I can’t fathom Gegard Mousasi’s stragety of fighting mostly off his back against “King Lawal”. He blew his first title defense. He could not defend the take down and let Lawal control the tempo of the fight. Lawal was evidently much stronger of the two. Mousasi has too much talent and skill to lose this fight. The “King’s” face looked like a lumped up misshapen mess, which it was. Mousasi landed many hard punches which the judges decided to overlook. In the rematch, Gegard, stand-up and punch Lawal out. You have too much talent, skill and experience to lose this guy. The new rising star is Jake Shields who handled Dan Henderson after the 1st round like a child. Look out, Jake Shields is a force to be reckoned with, no matter the organization and it’s best. On the ground he’s a terror. He’s out of a great Cesar Gracie stable that includes Gilbert Melendez, and Nick and Nate Diaz, the lovable Stockton bad boy’s.

    By Detroit greaseball Jr. on Apr 20, 2010


    By FRANK on Apr 21, 2010

  16. I did not get a chance to watch UFC112 live, but from all indications, the two title matches didn’t go the way most would have liked. The Prodigy was beaten by a fighter most expected him to defeat, simply because he didn’t bring his A-game. Silva was criticized for two straight lackluster performances prior to his destruction of Griffin, but from all indications, Silva did a number on Maia as well (just not in 1 round). Though fighters will never please everyone, every time out, their body of work should not be diminished due to a few questionable outings. One’s A-game is rarely brought every match.

    By Capt. Rock on Apr 22, 2010

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