Jim Sorgi Must Like Himself Some Manning

March 9, 2010 – 1:42 pm by admin

sorgimaytagFew outside Indianapolis or the greater metropolitan area probably know who Jim Sorgi is or what he’s done for the last six seasons.

The reason is simple: Sorgi has been backup to Peyton Manning, which means he’s done little other than hold a clip board, run the scout team and perhaps wave a towel for just over half a decade.

During his time in Indy, Sorgi appeared in 16 games, threw for 929 yards and tossed six touchdowns. Respectable.

But the Colts cut him loose last week anyway, so he went out looking for work and found it as back up to … drum roll … Eli Manning in New York!

It makes you wonder, did Peyton call up Eli and say hey, “I know this guy.” Or maybe the Manning family has taken a liking to Sorgi and has unofficially adopted him as one of their own.

Although, to be fair, as a Michigan native and former Wisconsin player Sorgi probably doesn’t have the requisite Southern drawl.

Anyway, Sorgi is recovering from a shoulder injury himself, but truth be told it doesn’t matter. Eli is a lot like Peyton, he doesn’t miss too many games.

Sorgi can go about his rehab and not have to worry about playing too much. Hopefully he doesn’t re-injure himself waving a towel or something though. That would be no way to go on injured reserve.

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