Rich Rodriguez Meet Your New Athletic Director. Now Start Winning

January 5, 2010 – 4:05 pm by Ryan Phillips

Michigan Rodriguez Football

Rich Rodriguez has been Michigan’s head football coach for two seasons. In that time he’s clocked in with an 8-16 record, possible NCAA rules violations and tons of rumors that he’s a complete jerk to his players and the people surrounding the program. So the Rodriguez Era has been a rousing success so far, yeah?

Now Michigan has hired Dave Brandon to be its new athletic director and’s Adam Rittenberg says that Brandon doesn’t know Rodriguez but he’d be proud to play for him. Apparently he hasn’t heard about Rich Rod’s “extra practice” requirements.

Brandon said what he had to say about his new school’s current head football coach. But the guy has no ties to Rodriguez and no reason to remain loyal to a coach who hasn’t won so far. If the Wolverines don’t get things turned around in a hurry, Brandon has no reason to be patient with the situation.

The new AD has already stressed the importance of winning at Michigan. If Rodriguez guides his team to another near-.500 finish next year this situation could get very interesting.

Rodriguez’s seat has been warming for months, with the hiring of an AD with no ties to him, it just got even hotter.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Rich Rodriguez Meet Your New Athletic Director. Now Start Winning”

  2. I think Michigan can save a lot of money -let Ohio State fans pay Rich Rod’s salary. We love him- think he and his ego are just right for THE BIG HOUSE…we to stress the importance of winning- he should be on a hot seat and I am sure if he is the coach Michigan thought they were getting he well win and maybe he can get Charlie Weis to defer the attention …

    By wander2yonder on Jan 5, 2010

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