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January 7, 2010 – 4:40 pm by McD

Why does anyone want to play at Louisville? – Strait Pinkie

Charlie Weis to KC as their OC? I’m sold! Another five years of dominance for the Chargers – Midwest Sports Fans

Guh, Pacquiao/Mayweather is off again – No Guts, No Glory

Charles Barkley is hilarious, wading into the Texas/’Bama championship game – The Scores Report

Purple bodysuit fail – Sparty and Friends

Jayson Williams did something else? – Unathletic

This Artie Lange thing is really, really sad – Deadspin

At least DaMarcus Beasley is playing somewhere – Soccer by Ives

Why you should root for Alabama – Every Day Should Be Saturday

Your Texas/Bama breakdown – Smart Football

That dude from the Eagles is sorry – Philadelphia Eagles

Really? The Rams need a makeover? – StL Today

Aaron Corp transferred to Richmond. In related news, Richmond just got way worse at quarterback – WTVR

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