Hey, the Big Ten Had to Start Somewhere

December 3, 2009 – 1:31 am by admin

NCAA Wisconsin UNLV BasketballWe finally did it!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we’re really that happy, with all the exclamation points and everything, about the Big Ten’s first victory in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Seriously, we are that EFFING pumped. It’s been a long time coming. Like, 11 years in the making.

So what if the Big Ten is 1-10 in the Challenge?

With Wisconsin’s surprising 73-69 victory over Duke (the first time the Blue Devils have ever lost in the Challenge) in Madison and Illinois coming back to beat Clemson on the road, 76-74, the Big Ten finally got the Challenge monkey off its back.

So this year, even if it’s for only this one year, we can finally stand up proudly and say you will not hate on the Big Ten for being a weak conference.

Fact is, it isn’t. Except well, our alma mater, but hey, they’re rebuilding. Oh and Iowa. The Hawkeyes are brutal.

But listen, there’s Purdue and Michigan State, legitimate Final Four contenders. The next group includes Ohio State, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. All will likely float in and out of the Top 25 this year and most if not all of them will make the field of 65 at year’s end.

We’ll even throw a bone to Northwester. The Wildcats are without their best player (senior forward Kevin Coble) for the rest of the season but are 6-1 with recent wins over Notre Dame, Iowa State and N.C. State. Their only loss is to a ranked Butler team.

So you know what ACC and everyone else that likes to pile on the Big Ten saying it’s weak-ish conference? Be quiet. We own you right now. If only for a year.

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