Chicago’s Worst Coach

December 22, 2009 – 4:27 am by Hickey


This week, we’ve learned that the biggest imbecile pacing the sidelines in Chicago is not Lovie Smith.

Though Lovie sets an incredible standard for all others to be matched by, he pales in comparison to Bulls head dunce Vinny Del Negro. Please note that I did not call Vinny the biggest coaching imbecile in the state of Illinois; fortunately he still has Ron Zook to compete against — albeit hopefully not for much longer.

I’m generally not one to heap all of the blame in the world on the feet of coaches, but Vinny has left me with no choice. On Monday night the Bulls clinched an unenviable spot in NBA history as they blew a 35-point lead to the Sacramento Kings. That’s a fireable offense on its own merits. But it was only the latest in a long line of embarrassments for the franchise this season.

The whole season has been a crap sandwich, including such highlights as a 110-78 loss to Toronto, a 118-83 loss to Atlanta, and most damningly: a home loss to the historically awful New Jersey Nets.

Remember, just one season ago this was a playoff team that played in the most memorable first-round series of all-time. With the entire core of a young team returning, the Bulls figured to grow on that experience. Instead, they have regressed horribly.

In the world of fiction, it seems like guys named Vinny pretty frequently get whacked. It’s about time the Bulls followed suit.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Chicago’s Worst Coach”

  2. The Bulls receive no coaching. They are on their own. The fact that Paxon and Foreman let this go on is mind boggling. The Bulls as an entire organization defy all sensible logic. I feel bad for the players. They are being led by idiots and morons.

    By LR. on Dec 22, 2009

  3. Hahaha your last 2 sentences are so true. Vinnys always get rubbed out in the end. Having said that (Larry David voice), I’d still trade Jim O’Brien for Vinny straight up, and I might even be willing to throw in TJ Ford.

    By KJ on Dec 22, 2009

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