Steve Phillips’ Fatal Attraction Moment Is Cringe Worthy

October 21, 2009 – 2:21 pm by TheBaker


Wow Steve Phillips. What have you gotten yourself into?

Of all the crazed affairs, this one is pretty good. It even makes the Rick Pitino Restaurant Bangout Turned Embezzlement Scheme look tame.

Phillips, ESPN’s resident baseball moron, dipped his pen in the company ink. And now, he’s paying for it. The network has suspended the former New York Mets GM after reports surfaced about Phillips’ philandering with a 22-year old production assistant named Brooke Hundley.

“Hey Brooke, sweetie. Do you mind squatting?”
“Any particular reason, Stevie?”
“Yeah. I’m used to my
Hundleys squatting. Now which do you want? The fastball or the slider?”
“Anything but the knuckleball.” 

Now, if the story had just ended there, it would just be another “Who Cares What He Did With His Penis?” story. But it’s not. Ms. Hundley took it upon herself to write a lengthy detailed letter to Mrs. Phillips about the affair. And you can read it in all of its glory here courtesy of the New York Post.

It really is a must read.

But is Phillips’ suspension warranted? For what? Screwing another employee? After college, your place of work is always the best place to troll for ladies. Interoffice canoodling is to be expected. Harold Reynolds was fired in 2006 presumably because his sexual advance was unwanted. In Phillips’ case, it seems the affair was a little too consensual. 

Phillips shouldn’t be fired for having sex with a 22-year old production assistant, unless of course he had a clause in his contract forbidding it. And if we learned anything about Phillips’ inept handling of the Mets, he probably isn’t the best at contracts in the first place.

I mean what do you expect when you hire young women at a station loaded with former jocks turned middle-aged sexhounds with an inflated sense of importance because they’re on TV?

The only person who should be fired in this instance is Hundley. She’s obviously crazy. How else do you explain the ridiculous letter she jammed into Phillips’ front door addressed to Mrs. Phillips.

I don’t know about you, but I know far too much about “a big birthmark on his crotch right above his penis and one on his left inner thigh.”

And don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Steve Phillips off the air. But not because he nailed a 22-year old crazy chick and ruined his marriage. I want Steve Phillips gone because he sucks as a TV man. Why am I getting my analysis from a failure? 

But maybe this will be yet another lesson for the male species. Ninety percent of women are crazy. And crazy chicks ruin lives. Just ask Rick and Steve.

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  1. 13 Responses to “Steve Phillips’ Fatal Attraction Moment Is Cringe Worthy”

  2. That is phenomenal.

    Thanks, Brooke. Now I can try and justify any future infidelities with my wife, you know, since we’re Catholic, too.

    By MJenks on Oct 21, 2009

  3. That skeez should be working the White Castle drive-thru

    By KJ on Oct 21, 2009

  4. I applaud you for not calling her a hideous troll like every other post I’ve read on the subject, even if she is rather unattractive.

    And not to get all femi-nazi, but how exactly is this a case of “crazy chicks ruin lives”? It’s his own damn fault for banging her in the first place…especially when everyone knows only the crazies sleep with married dudes.

    By Red on Oct 21, 2009

  5. She makes the broad that Ben Roethlisberger banged look like Jennifer Aniston.

    By LR. on Oct 21, 2009

  6. Can I just go on record and say that I’ve never slept with anyone working for this blog.

    Oh and that Steve Phillips and I are in no way related.

    At all.

    In any way.


    By Phillips on Oct 21, 2009

  7. I think the overlying message here is that any younger chick who is going to sleep with a married dude has daddy issues, which means a) she’s going to ruin your marriage at some point because she’s batshit crazy and thinks you want to marry her or b) she’s going to murder you at some point, because she’s batshit crazy.

    The lesson? Don’t get married. And if for whatever reason you are, do not hang out with chicks half your age. It will not end well. They are not stable. And it serves you right for being a creepy old man.

    By Hick Flick on Oct 22, 2009

  8. Oooh, yeah, blow that whistle!

    By Cousin Charlie on Oct 22, 2009

  9. Get takes two to tango and he’s married….she is not. He’s a pig and just because he gets paid alot of money he thinks he can screw anything that walks. She on the other hand…knew what she was getting into but there is a major brain maturity issue…she has none and he only thinks with the lower head!! Should she be fired…no and I don’t believe he should be either unless it specifically states it in their contracts.
    BTW…this is a true indication of the mentally of men in our society…they need that extra excitement…so much pressure….they are going thru a mid-life crisis and they need to unleash themselves on poor stupid women. However..if a female decides to partake…she should be way smarter than to get emotionally attached…use him like he used you …you are both flakes!!

    By sushideluxe on Oct 23, 2009

  10. Hafta say. Sounds like you’re pretty anti-female. SHE should be fired? Hellllo, who’s the supposedly mature one who is on the air? HE is and should be fired. And 90 percent of chicks are crazy…? Hmmm. Sounds like you’ve had some bad times with women, buddy. Sucks for you.

    By Green on Oct 23, 2009

  11. would you rather i say nothing and stop reading altogether, or shall i go ahead and ask that you remember that you do have dedicated female readers (presumably of the sane 10% contingent) who feel insulted by lame generalizations. and do not misunderstand me: there is not doubt that this hundley chick is one crazy ass bit**, but please. maybe to make it up to us, you can see about featuring some photos of a half-naked derek lee, the rock, or rafi nadal in the “brought to you by” posts.

    By roundthewaygirl on Oct 23, 2009

  12. I respect women a lot more than most men, but I’m sorry, nobody wants to see a half-naked Derek Lee on this site.

    By Cousin Charlie on Oct 23, 2009

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