Maybe This Time It’s Legit: Goodbye, Brett Favre

February 11, 2009 – 3:28 pm by admin

This time, there isn’t much to say. If Brett Favre is indeed going to retire, I say only a solemn goodbye. He will one day go the the Hall of Fame as one of the best Green Bay Packers ever…

And we Packers fans will remember him fondly, no matter how it ended. To this day one of the greatest sporting events I’ve ever seen was the Monday Night Football game against the Raiders one day after Favre’s father died. All he did was throw for 399 yards and four touchdowns. Unbelievable.

Anyway, thanks for the memories, Brett, see you back at Lambeau Field soon (and please don’t come back and make us all look stupid again).

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  1. 3 Responses to “Maybe This Time It’s Legit: Goodbye, Brett Favre”

  2. Brett Favre is finally retiring for good. Congrats Favre on your excellent season with the Jets.

    By BettorFan Free Sports Bets on Feb 11, 2009

  3. That Raiders game was on my birthday. It was fabulous watching him pick apart the Raiders on every throw.

    By MJenks on Feb 11, 2009

  4. Yeah, there are few things I hate more than the Raiders.

    By Phillips on Feb 11, 2009

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