Awww Poor J.J.

November 14, 2008 – 2:53 am by Ryan Phillips

We’ve been hearing for well over a year now that J.J. Redick was unhappy with the Orlando Magic. Hey J.J., you think you’re unhappy? Imagine how thrilled the Magic are to have you. I’m sure they love the fact that they spent the 11th pick in the 2006 NBA Draft on an undersized, unathletic, all-shoot/no-defense shooting guard, who can’t create his own shot, is injury-prone and bitches when he doesn’t get into games. Yeah, I’m sure they’re stoked they picked you over Ronnie Brewer, Rajon Rondo, Jordan Farmar and Sergio Rodriguez.

Anyway, back to the point. J.J. has been sitting on the bench for much of his two-plus years in the NBA because, well, he sucks. This offseason, the Magic signed Mickael Pietrus to a $23 million free-agent contract. They had Redick in-house and decided to spend a ton of dough to bring in a guy to start at shooting guard. Throw in the fact that Keith Bogans has been the team’s top reserve this season and rookie Courtney Lee has been playing well and that adds up to a formula that sees little J.J. sitting on the bench.

You’d figure that would humble Redick, but instead he’s been piping up about his lack of playing time and voicing his frustrations to the press, since that’s the surest way to endear yourself to the franchise that owns your rights. Redick lashed out about his relationship with coach Stan Van Gundy before Orlando’s Wednesday night game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, according to Florida Today.

“We spoke the day of the Chicago game (Nov. 3) and haven’t spoken since. I’m trying to not read into things, but there’s not a whole lot to read into on this one. It looks like I’m in the same position that I’ve been in and that’s that.”

Let’s take a look inside the numbers and maybe find out why Van Gundy is looking for quality minutes elsewhere on his roster.

-In the two-plus years he’s been in the league, Redick has had the opportunity to play in 172 regular season games. He’s played in just 81. And has started 0.

-When he’s played he’s averaged 11.7 minutes per game, and 4.9 points per game. But those numbers dropped from 14.8 mpg in his first year to 9.2 this year and his scoring has dropped from 6.0 ppg in his rookie year to 0.4 this year.

-For his career, Redick is a 37.9 percent 3-point shooter and just a 40.9 percent shooter from the field.

-Redick, known for his shooting ability, also shot just 79.4 percent from the free throw line last season.

-He’s also averaged 0.7 assists and 0.5 turnovers per game for his NBA career.

-And finally, he has logged just 944 minutes over his entire career. At his current pace, Derek Rose will have logged more career minutes than Redick by the Bulls’ December 17th game against the Clippers.

So yeah, keep whining J.J., it’s incredibly entertaining.

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  1. 25 Responses to “Awww Poor J.J.”

  2. Dude, how could you pass up an opportunity to pull out the Redickulous-ly Gay photo?

    By Hickey on Nov 14, 2008

  3. JJ, just STFU. You have two people in front of you in the rotation. If you want to play, outdo them in practice. It really is that simple.

    Oh, and if you do get back into a game this season, try making a meaningful shot and then guarding your man on the exchange of possession. I guess it’s Van Gundy’s fault you can’t play in the NBA.

    By IFChris on Nov 14, 2008

  4. Had to post after reading – not to say he doesn’t suck but your logic is off. You’re blaming him for not getting into games or having a lot of minutes. But thats not up to him thats up to the coach – which is his complaint. Not saying he deserves to play just following the flow of your argument. Also, his quote – how is that inflammatory? He just repeated what your article’s main point is; he doesn’t really get to play and thats the way it is. He doesnt go after the coach – if anything he sounds like a zen buddhist monk.

    By Paul on Nov 14, 2008

  5. ….just sayin’.

    By Paul on Nov 14, 2008

  6. couldn’t happen to a bigger douchebag. now go away gay-gay, nobody likes you.

    By john on Nov 14, 2008

  7. Yeah tis is a SHOCKER!

    By Steve on Nov 14, 2008

  8. I agree with Paul.

    By Dizzy D on Nov 15, 2008

  9. jj needs to STFU. when you get into the game, make something happen. if u can’t, then take your lame a** game and go to Europe.

    By Poor baby on Nov 15, 2008

  10. Yeah JJ has been such a valuable player to the Magic, Ha! He is picking splinters out of his butt right now. He is just doing what I said he would 2 years ago, flame out like he did against Carolina in Cameron on Senior Night. Dookies usually do this in the NBA (expect for a few).

    By Double B on Nov 15, 2008

  11. Redick has the same vertical leap as Andre Igoudala. Everyone learned after the draft combines that he IS athletic. His arms aren’t long, though.

    He came into camp even more athletic than he has ever been and then played good in preseason. Van Gundy then told him that he would be #1 SG off the bench.

    Van Gundy should have told him that if he missed his first 6 shots that he was no longer going to be #1 off the bench.

    Seriously, what coach totally changes their gameplan because a guy misses six shots? I imagine Eddie House and guys like him have already missed six shots in a row.

    Van Gundy should have never told Redick that he had a role.

    By jopspuot on Nov 16, 2008

  12. Your look into his numbers make no sense at all. They are all based around his playing time. Adjust his numbers for per 48 minutes of playing time and you will see that he is a highly productive player.

    Also, regular field goal percentage means nothing after the 3 pt line came along. Take into account all his extra points from 3s by looking at adjusted field goal percentage.

    It’s like saying Ray Allen is a bad shooter because of his career 44 percent. But if you take into account the many extra points from 3s you see the real picture.

    By numbers on Nov 16, 2008

  13. This entire article is completely stupid one he says you think that Magic are happy to have you, it was there choice, and they could trade him, but instead they renewed his option. His entire numbers thing was stupid considering all those statistics wouldn’t be good considering the lack of playing time, what he failed to mention was when JJ had a chance last season when they rested there starters he led his team in scoring and played valuable mins. And Poor baby before you comment on Duke’s NBA check UNC’s recently and Duke’s is as good if not better, not all time, but currently.

    By Anonymous on Nov 16, 2008

  14. fuck UK

    By Anonymous on Nov 16, 2008

  15. J.J.=PooPooHead!!

    By pootsack on Nov 17, 2008

  16. At the NBA Draft combine in 2006, Redick ranked 51st in the athleticism rankings. Coby Karl (46th), Dan Grunfeld (42nd) and Chris Quinn (35th) ranked higher than him. I’d say that makes him unathletic (for an NBA player).

    By Phillips on Nov 17, 2008

  17. Dick Vitale’s two year long ad campaign for all things Reddick should be given credit for having him drafted so high…he did the same thing with Garcia from UL, and Garcia is a flop as well. Vitale/ESPN always has an agenda, they push who they want via who’s paying the bills, or who might be ‘buddies’ with the powers that be… Vitale and Pitino are business partners, thus, the pushing of Garcia, and the ACC is the $$$ behind the college hoops on ESPN.

    By Michael on Nov 17, 2008

  18. Kentucky is the #1 college basketball program of all time. Here are a few of the reasons.

    All time wins: 1966 (NCAA rank #1)

    All time winning percentage: .760 (NCAA rank #1)

    NCAA Tournament appearances: 49 (NCAA rank #1)

    NCAA Tournament games: 142 (NCAA rank #1)

    NCAA Tournament wins: 98 (NCAA rank #1)

    NCAA Tournament winning percentage: .690 (NCAA rank #6)

    NCAA Championships: 7 (NCAA rank #2)

    NCAA Championship Game appearances: 10 (NCAA rank #2)

    NCAA Final Four appearances: 13 (NCAA rank #4)

    NCAA Elite-8 appearances: 31 (NCAA rank #1)

    NCAA Sweet-16 appearances: 40 (NCAA rank #1)

    AP Top-10 finishes: 38 (NCAA rank #1)

    AP Top-5 finishes: 25 (NCAA rank #1)

    AP #1 finishes: 8 (NCAA rank #1)

    UPI (Coaches) Top-10 finishes: 34 (NCAA rank #1)

    UPI (Coaches) Top-5 finishes: 25 (NCAA rank #1)

    UPI (Coaches) #1 finishes: 7 (NCAA rank #1)

    20-win seasons: 52 (NCAA rank #1)

    25-win seasons: 28 (NCAA rank #1)

    30-win seasons: 11 (NCAA rank #1)

    Total non-losing seasons: 91 (NCAA rank: #1)

    Total winning seasons: 88 (NCAA rank #2)

    Consensus All-Americans: 15 (NCAA rank #1)

    Consensus All-American selections: 20 (NCAA rank #1)

    Total All-Americans: 46 (NCAA rank #2)

    Total All-American selections: 76 (NCAA rank #1)

    NBA draft picks: 90 (NCAA Rank #3)

    1000 point scorers: 55 (NCAA rank #3)

    Conference Championships: 43 (NCAA rank #2)

    Conference Tournament championships: 26 (NCAA rank #1)

    In addition, Kentucky is the only team in history to have multiple NCAA, NIT, and Helms titles. UK has 7 NCAA titles, 2 NIT titles, and 2 Helms titles.

    Further, Kentucky is the only school to be in the top-10 in victories in each full decade since the 1930’s (1930’s- 2000’s). Kentucky is also the only school to be in the top-10 in winning percentage in each full decade since the 1930’s (1930’s- 2000’s).

    Other facts:

    Kentucky is the only school to win NCAA Championshps under 4 coaches. UK is also the only school to finish ranked #1 under 4 coaches.

    Kentucky has only one losing season since 1926-27 (80 seasons).

    Kentucky has led the nation in attendance a NCAA record 20 times, including 12 out of the last 13 seasons.

    By Sqirms on Nov 17, 2008

  19. Yes, Redick finished 51st out of 81 guys in the draft combine. LaMarcus Aldridge finished 68th the same year.

    Kevin Durant came in 78th in 2007. Monta Ellis came in 70th in 2005. Luol Deng 53rd in 2004. Caron Butler 68th in 2002…

    By Anonymous Dude on Nov 17, 2008

  20. I guess my point with the athleticism ranking was more that having a decent vertical has nothing to do with actual basketball ability, much like the combine athleticism rankings. He’s not athletic in the basketball sense. He can’t play defense or create his own shot. That’s death in the NBA.

    Name me another unathletic, undersized, white shooting guard who has had an impact career in the NBA other than Mark Price. And Redick is not even close to as good as Mark Price.

    By Phillips on Nov 17, 2008

  21. All you haters need to be quiet. J.J. actually needs a chance to prove himself. In the preseason, he lit it up. The Magic raved about him and how he bulked up for this year, and how hard he worked on his defense. The opener he goes 0-4 in 19min the next game 0-1 in 11min and then Van Gundy gives up on him..

    are you serious??

    Give him 2 weeks, playing 12-18min a game and see the numbers he’d be putting up. I mean the guy has never been allowed to get into a rhythm of regular season NBA ball, he’s got to be allowed some “growing pains” doesn’t he? The Magic might actually be saying, “Glad we drafted him” if they played him more then 3min every 5th game. If he doesn’t produce after that 2 week triall, fine, he’s a bust. But you gotta give the guy a chance.

    And if he SUCKS so much like everyone says, then why won’t the Magic get rid of him then? There’s got to be a reason behind that, oh wait, I think I know the answer – HE DOESN’T SUCK! If a team gave him some PT he actually could produce 10-15pts a game. He played at DUKE for Christ’s sake, a program whose coach preaches MAN on MAN defense.

    I’m not saying he’s the next Chris Mullin – but he’s has 12ppg ability, and I just hope he’ll get a chance to prove himself for a team one day soon.

    By Mack on Nov 17, 2008

  22. People are still commenting on this? I figured it was like the least exciting post we’ve had in four months, but what do I know. And when exactly did the Kentucky thing become relevant to the discussion? This whole post and thread have been awesome, it’s like a douchebag circus.

    By Hickey on Nov 18, 2008

  23. The genius Van Gundy moved Redick from 12th man to starter tonight and he scored 10 points. Anthony Parker on the other end played 37 minutes and had 4 points, so it is not like Redick created a giant hole in the defense.

    By Anonymous Dude on Nov 18, 2008

  24. To Phillips: Vinny motha eFFin del Negro.

    By Billynho on Nov 19, 2008

  25. Billynho: While I always loved Vinny, his career average of 9.1 ppg doesn’t exactly qualify as “impact.” He had single season averages of 14.5 (’96), 12.5 (’95) and 12.3 (’97) but that’s as good as it got.

    By Phillips on Nov 19, 2008

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