Let’s Just Cancel the Season: Tom Brady is Donezo

September 8, 2008 – 12:06 am by admin

Well, it appears the worst fears of everyone in New England is indeed true. Several sources are now reporting Tom Brady will miss the entirety of 2008 with a torn ACL after being hit by Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard.

Although Randy Moss thought otherwise in his mostly asinine post-game comments, the hit was in no way dirty. It’s just bad luck.

Now the reins will be turned over to backup Matt Cassel, who went 13-of-18 for 152 yards and a touchdown in Brady’s absence Sunday.

Cassel appears to be a capable backup, but he is a backup, and like many before him he’ll probably suffer from being over-exposed week in, week out. And, naturally, he can’t replace all-everything Brady.

His girlfriend or wife probably isn’t nearly as hot either. So that sucks for us.

This thing is sure to dominate everything NFL on ESPN and everywhere else. People just need to face it, the season moves on. The game moves on. Nobody is bigger than the league.

So I, for one, flatly disagree with John Madden when he said the “whole NFL” is sad Brady is out for the season. I’m pretty sure the league at large doesn’t give two shits. Everybody else has to go out and play every week with whatever players they have healthy, period. The Patriots are no different.

Does anybody really think Eric Mangini is sad inside because he won’t have to game plan for Brady? Come on.

There’s no need to shut the whole league down because one of its biggest stars is out for the year. I have a feeling the season will be just as good without Brady. In fact, it might actually be better.

Now for the big question. Without Brady under center for the Pats, does this make the J-E-T-S with Brett Favre the favorite in the AFC East?


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