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February 4, 2008 – 9:52 pm by Hickey

How do you like the Eli Manning Face?

Yes, we know, it’s awfully easy to pile on Boston right now. But it’s also deserved. For in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, the Patriots and their fans came to represent everything that one normally wouldn’t normally associate with New England.

They were arrogant. They were full of themselves. In other words, they were wicked retahded.

No one summed it up better than Tom Brady. When told of Plaxico Burress’ prediction that the Patriots would only score 17 points, he scoffed as if someone had recommended him an inferior brand of cognac. Then he asked if Plax was playing defense, as if no one already doing so for the Giants had the athletic ability to hold his team under 40 points.

I think the 11 guys who kicked your ass might have been offended. But that’s how hubris works — the minute you get too full of yourself, you get a sobering dose of wang to the face.

I guess that’s why I wouldn’t mind if the Patriots picked themselves off the ground and won the Super Bowl next year. They’ve already learned their lesson. And if they haven’t, there’s plenty of us out there to remind them. Just like Eli.

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