McD’s Week One College Football Picks

September 3, 2011 – 8:19 am by McD

I couldn’t think of the right exclamation to start off my fifth season of gambling on college football for this site, especially since the last two years went so damn well. No seriously, I was over .500 both years, which if you knew me, you’d be shocked I could do anything at a mediocre level. New season! Woo! Guess that’ll have to do.

Already a couple of upsets this week: Wisconsin didn’t score 70 on UNLV. And TCU went down in an epic shootout to Baylor. Guess that’s what happens when you lose that many seniors and your winningest quarterback of all time. Nice to see the Red Cannon doing it in Cincinnati though.

What I’m watching this week:

12pm – Flipping between Akron/Ohio State and Northwestern/BC just so I can cackle with glee at the Buckeyes every few minutes.

3:30 pm – USC/Minnesota because I probably won’t be able to find the game I really care about  (UCLA/Houston) on television. Also because I picked USC/Minnesota so I guess I should watch til it’s a blowout.

7 pm ET – Indiana at Ball State at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis because I’m a homer for IU. DUH, people (…he said desperately).

And no, I’m only checking on LSU/Oregon and Boise/Georgia because that’s how much I care about the debut of the Kevin Wilson Era against one of the worst teams in the country. And don’t think I haven’t been reminding all my friends who went to Ball State of that fact all week. Also, Grantland might have made Wilson look like a lunatic this week. I still can’t tell.

The weeks point spreads and picks after the jump.

12 pm ET

Northwestern (0-0) at Boston College (0-0) (-3)

Pick: Northwestern beats the spread in a mild shocker.

Akron (0-0) at (18) Ohio State (0-0) (-34)

Guess I’ll get a head start. Especially since Jim Tressell is now a “gameday consultant” for the Colts. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Pick: Ohio State wins and covers

3:30 pm ET

South Florida (0-0) at (16) Notre Dame (0-0) (-11)

Skip Holtz returning to the stadium he played in and his dad was the last legend in? Please.

Pick: Notre Dame wins but doesn’t cover

Minnesota (0-0) at (25) Southern California (-23.5)

Read my preview here.

Pick: USC wins and covers

UCLA (0-0) at Houston (0-0) (-3)

Pick: Houston wins and covers. Sorry, Booter. At least you’ll be rid of Neuheisel this time next year.

4:45 pm ET

Brigham Young (0-0) at Mississippi (0-0) (+3)

Gotta love a home ‘dog from the SEC vs an indy team.

Pick: BYU wins and covers

7 pm ET

Fresno State (0-0) at California (0-0) (-10)

Fresno State always plays close in games like this. Even if they’re going to finish 5th in the Mountain West.

Pick: Cal wins but doesn’t cover

East Carolina (0-0) at (12) South Carolina (0-0) (-21)

There’s just something I don’t trust about the other USC this year. Maybe it’s because it’s not 100% that their starter will be sober when he plays?

Pick: SC wins but doesn’t cover

8 pm ET

(5) Boise State (0-0) at (19) Georgia (0-0) (+3.5)

Read my preview here.

Pick: Boise wins and covers

(3) Oregon (0-0) at (4) Louisiana State (0-0) (+3.5)

Pick: Oregon wins and covers

10:15 pm ET

Game You’re Watching At The Bar Of The Week

Colorado (0-0) at Hawai’i (0-0) (-7)

Pick: Hawai’i wins and covers

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