Video: Dennis Rodman loses it (again) in CNN interview

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

It's unclear whether Dennis Rodman ever had any marbles to lose, but The Worm reached a new level of unglued in a bizarre, rambling interview with CNN live from North Korea on Tuesday.

The 2013 Un-Sportsmen of the Year

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Peyton Manning was named Sports Illustrated's "Sportsman of the Year," and it's easy to see why. The man helped thousands of college students stave off starvation by forcing Papa John to give away all those free pizzas. But who resides at the opposite end of this year's sporting spectrum? The way ...

Dennis Rodman rips President Obama over North Korea

Friday, May 10th, 2013

In one of the most bizarre sports stories in decades, eccentric NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman has become close friends with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un over the past few months. Now Rodman has reportedly lashed out at American President Barack Obama for not engaging North Korea diplomatically. Rodman ...

Dennis Rodman to visit North Korea. For real.

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Some insane basketball players change their name to World Peace. In the meantime, another insane basketball player could hold the key to world peace. That's right... we're talking about Dennis Rodman. Perhaps the unlikeliest cultural ambassador in world history, Rodman is heading to North Korea this week along with three members of ...